Mental health books give a voice to writers with mental illness around the world. At Chipmunkapublishing we raise awareness of mental health and the stigma surrounding mental health problems by encouraging society to listen. We are documenting mental health literature as a genre so history does not forget the survivors and carers of people with mental illness and disabilities.

We are also passionate about personal development and sports psychology and publish successful sports people.
Most of our publications are written by people with mental health experiences. We also publish books by mental health professionals, life coaches, nlp trainers, psychologists, psychiatrists, spiritualists and relationship experts. We also give a voice to family members of people with mental health issues and many other disabilities.

Titles include autobiographies/memoirs, fiction, poetry, film scripts, plays, books of lyrics, anthologies, stories written by carers, self help books, academic works and more.We are a unique social enterprise focused on publishing both factual and creative literature. We want to reduce the humiliation that people with “mental illness” feel by being the main publisher of the mental health literary genre. We give people with mental illness a voice so that they can have the opportunity and positive mindset needed to lead better lives and hopefully full recoveries, or a least a deeper understanding and acceptance of what they have experienced. We also publish works by people who have learnt to live with their experiences, so their books can inspire fellow sufferers. Do not let your children grow up misunderstanding people with mental health issues. Let’s improve society so that mental health artists can empower people with mental health issues to be equal in society. Then they can shape their future and help others.We work with governments, health services, the media, mental health organisations, charities and private businesses to successfully publish and promote literature that encourages a positive attitude towards mental health issues. Chipmunkapublishing aims to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness once and for all.

We believe that there are success principles in sport and personal development that can be applied to other aspects of life and improve people’s mental health. Our goal is to make the world a happier place by giving people a voice and modelling peak performance to lead more fulfilled lives.

Jason Pegler is the world leader in mental health empowerment and winner of the 2005 New Statesman’s Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Since 2001 he has dedicated his life to giving a voice to people with mental illness, helping them tell their stories and breaking down the stigma attached to mental health.He is a published author, having written the critically acclaimed autobiography on living with manic depression, entitled ‘A Can of Madness,’ described as “A brilliant memoir of mania” by Stephen Fry. He is the owner and founder of Chipmunkapublishing, the Mental Health Publisher, which has published over 600 authors and over 1500 titles within its first 10 years.He regularly appears on National BBC television and National Radio. He has done interviews in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Jerusalem, Ireland, Spain and featured on ITV, National BBC television and radio over 100 times.

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