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A Can of Madness
A Can of Madness is an extraordinarily honest and vivid autobiography on living with manic depression. more
The Necessity of Madness
An ingenious account of that explains how psychiatry is based on supposition, by an American psychologist. This book is a pioneering educational tool for the World Mental Health Movement. more

"My goal in life is to help others and make the world a better place. Chipmunkapublishing is a platform to allow people to tell the truth about how people with mental health issues are treated by society, the mental health system, the state and the status quo. I want others to follow in my footsteps and help Chipmunkapublishing break down the taboo on mental health once and for all." Vision and Words from the CEO Jason Pegler:

“My book started out as a suicide note and ended up a celebration of life”. Dolly Sen

"I am often asked about mental health books. A great resource is Chipmunkapublishing". Stephen Fry

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Chipmunkapublishing is the Mental Health Publisher

Dedicated to giving a voice to the survivors of mental illness.

"I am often asked about mental health books. A great resource is Chipmunkapublishing.”

Stephen Fry

My name is Jason Pegler and I originally founded Chipmunkapublishing to give a voice to writers with mental illness around the world.
Through our range of more than 800 books by more than 600 authors, we raise awareness of the stigma surrounding mental health problems by encouraging society to listen.

We want to reduce the humiliation that people with "mental illness" feel. By giving people with mental illness a voice, we give them the opportunity to lead better lives and inspire others going through similar experiences.
We are dedicated to unearthing new talent and helping those who may have gone unheard tell their stories.

Most of our publications are written by people with mental health issues, but we also give a voice to family members of people with mental health issues and many other disabilities. Titles include autobiographies and memoirs, fiction, poetry, film scripts, plays, books of lyrics, anthologies, stories written by carers, self-help books, academic works and much, much more. We publish books on many different mental health and disability related subjects such as bipolar disorder, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, anorexia, aspergers syndrome, autism, self harm, victims of abuse, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, addictions and others.

“Chipmunka has great business acumen and a positive perspective regarding mental health issues and the promotion of individuals with stories worthy of human concern.”

Patrick Tobin - Author of the Moon's Last Gasp

Do not let your children grow up misunderstanding people with mental health issues. Let's improve society by empowering people with mental health issues, allowing them to reach their full potential. Then they can shape their own futures and help others do the same.

Whether you want to tell your own story or simply learn more about mental health issues, please explore the rest of the site to find out more about our wide range of books and events.

Jason Pegler
Chipmunkapublishing Founder

“It is with great happiness that i published my first book with Chipmunkapublishing, and then did a second and a third. I cannot emphasize how Chipmunkapublishing has enriched my life through this experience and brought me tremendous hope and confidence in my life. Thank you once again Chipmunka, i am incredibly gratefull!”

Adam Grieve - Chipmunka Author
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