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The Other Side Of Harry


This is an interesting book that covers a lot of ground. The areas it deals with are mental health issues in the family, the martial art world and the entertainment industry. The way the book deals with the material is to show a relationship between father and son and follow both their journeys over time.

The book shows how limited an understanding there was in the 60s and 70s of mental health issues and how this affects families trying to cope. Families suffer when there are issues of mental health and this books shows its not 'all in the mind', its a shared phenomena amongst immediate family. Although you see in the book at times others would prefer not to share the issues of mental health and wash their hands: be it professions administering medical 'help' in a clumsy way; the judiciary administering legal rulings where they have no place to; or more distant family members.

The insights the book has in the various topics it covers are enlightening and quite broad ranging. Star Trek, T.V. and Films, bullying at school, asylums, martial arts, life, death and torment.

In parts the material is dealt with in black humour nearly and in others, a sober frankness.
Date Added: 08/03/2008 by David Jay