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The Other Side Of Harry


As I read through the first few chapters of this book, I couldn't help but think that, faced with such adversity, many children would either sink or swim.

This is very much the story of a swimmer.

I must confess to a personal interest in this story, as many years ago, when the author was near the beginning of his martial arts career, I considered him to be quite a good friend; little did I know, behind the confident, self assured exterior, there lurked a dark secret........

This was a secret kept, not because of a desire to shut others out or keep them at arm's length, but because, in those days, there were 'things' you just didn't talk about in polite society.

From almost the day of his birth, John Carrigan lived within a family burdoned by that most extreme of mental illnesses, schizophrenia; as with almost everyone dealing with mental health issues then, it was kept firmly behind closed doors, with nothing to show the outside world but a brave face.

In itself, some would say that is an unremarkable tale, a familiar story for many people; what was extraordinary, was John's method of overcoming, surely one of life's more difficult starts.

Except it doesn't end there, the knock backs kept on coming, but so did his desire to succeed, in some of the most challenging professions it's possible to choose.

Having lost touch with John some 30 years ago, I came across this book quite by chance and I'm very glad I did; not only has it afforded me the opportunity to get in touch with an old friend, it has given me a little bit of extra strength, as I find myself having to deal with my own family's mental health problems.

I recommend you dive in and splash around a while; you may very well find yourself inspired.
Date Added: 12/14/2012 by Ian Brown