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Listening to the Silences


‘The book is beautifully written’ (television producer): ‘He pours water over many un-helpful myths and writes clearly in a way that will probably save someone’s life’ (con-tributor to a chat line). A carer wrote ‘First of all a warm thank you for making your re-markable book freely available…’, while from a voice-hearer there came ‘I want to say thanks for writing about your experience. I found it to be the only true version of what I feel happened to myself last year. I had been looking for books to read on the subject, but I found nothing useful until I came to your account’. The mother of a voice-hearer completes this brief snapshot as she wrote to an organisation that aims to support suf-ferers – ‘After reading Roy’s book, I was very impressed, and it has helped me to under-stand what is happening to my son at this very moment. He has always said that it is a spiritual thing, not a mental illness. He described it word for word like Roy. At the mo-ment he is in hospital on psychotic drugs which don’t seem to be helping…I need to help my son, and I think Roy’s experience could help me to advise and understand more of what my son is trying to tell me.’
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