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Reflections: Me & Planet Weirdo


PJ Hughes' book is part autobiography, part discussion of the nature of autism and how people describe and discuss the disability. One of the aims of Reflections is to show that autism cannot be stereotyped. PJ states that there are as many autisms as people with autism.

PJ was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at the age of 30 an event that turned his life the right way up. He describes what the disability means to him and how it impacts on his life, including issues such as family, employment , friends, bullying and pets.

PJ has done many things, played rugby, joined the Territorial Army and followed Buddhist philosophy for a while. He says that while doing these things, before he was diagnosed, he was looking for answers. Since then he feels he has put things in their rightful place at last. Reflections offers practical advice on what has helped PJ including social groups, employment support and coping strategies.

The book conveys an unshakable positivity. PJ is pleased to have been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome as it has helped him to make sense of how he experiences the world. There is a sense of excitement about the future and a determination to help people who do not have the disability appreciate what it can be like to have Asperger syndrome opening up the possibility for greater awareness and, as PJ says, 'a greater mutual understanding of each other.'

Jenny Robottom

Formerly PR officer at The National Autistic Society

Now PR and Marketing Officer at The Advisory Centre for Education

Former PR officer, The National Autistic Society
Date Added: 03/09/2009 by PJ Hughes