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A Cry For Help

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I read this book not knowing what to expect. As an OCD sufferer myself I was apprehensive about whether someone could feel the same way as myself and have the same distressing thoughts. Stephen Drake's book is brilliant; it touches the heart of everyone who reads it. The book relates Stephen's time in prison, his obsessions and daily disturbing thoughts; he believed that the only way out was to turn to crime in order to go to prison to be safe from the elderly women whom he thought he could not pass by without attacking in some way. Such a thought was due to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a mental health condition that is not known about in many parts of society. It is an amazing book, with heart-rending accounts of how Stephen struggled with his mental health. Fantastically written; I look forward to reading the successor, "Cry forever." Thank you for writing this book and bringing to light OCD - it has helped me to understand my condition better.
Date Added: 11/07/2008 by Emily Clewer