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Behind A Glass Wall


Reading Behind A Glass Wall made me realise that bipolar disorder is a real and devastating condition and that people who suffer from it are in real pain. Zoë was a beautiful, vibrant young woman who suffered this debilitating illness. The description of periods of depression interspersed with episodes of highly erratic, delusional behaviour really highlighted the difficulties faced by sufferer and loved ones alike. The description of the events in Morocco evoke empathy to the helplessness two loving parents feel when their daughter is acting irrationally and out of their control.

Dorothy's complete honesty shows remarkable bravery as she describes the life of her intelligent and amazing daughter, raising painful questions along the way: Did we miss vital clues of what was to come? Could we have done something to help? The answers to these remain open. Bipolar disorder is devastating illness and though it can be 'treated' to a certain extent, it cannot be cured making tragedies such as these even harder to grasp.

It is a dreadfully sad story, but reading it DID bring Zoë to life for me. Despite the horrific events that she went through, I also found out what a vast and exciting life she experienced and the positive effect she had on so many people in spite of her illness. I recommend it to all.
Date Added: 05/22/2008 by Nick Anon