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Curing Madness

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In "Curing Madness" I share with the general public and other people who have suffered from mental health issues how I managed to cure myself. I wrote "Curing Madness" with the knowledge that i could reach out to more people by making myself an example of a fully recovered manic depressive. "Curing Madness" is the follow up to my autobiography "A Can of Madness". By the end of "A Can of Madness" I had not fully recovered. The publishing of "Curing Madness" documents how i transformed myself. "Curing Madness" contains a mixture of prose, academic work, film scripts, philosophy and raps to recovery. The theme is one of self help and self belief. I aim to transform the term "mental illness" into mental well being so that there is no humiliation for people who experience mental distress.
Date Added: 10/31/2006 by Jason Pegler