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A Can of Madness

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After finishing this book I was moved to tears of joy and sadness by the last page. Such a compelling book (definetly in my top 5 ever). I couldn't put it down. For all those people who aren't sure whether to buy it - look past the gloomy cover and the subject matter. This is both funny and gripping and not depressing to read at all. Its told in a very witty warts and all style which really gives this book the edge to other books in a similar genre. Having been part of the old rave scene I could relate to Peglars antics as a teenager. Also having a brother with scizophrenia I could relate to Peglars experiences with his illness, the effects on his relationships and his experience of the mental health system in the UK. However this book has mass appeal and is a potential bestseller, even for those people that aren't so closely linked to the subect matter. Tell your friends and friends of friends if you enjoy it as much as I did. This book says the unsaid and breaks many taboo's that sadly still exist in our society. Peglar teaches us that our experiences with mental health issues can be positive ones. A hugely optimistic book. I would recommend this book as compulsory to everyone, including sufferers looking for that little bit of light, families and friends effected by mental health issues, carers and anyone that wants to have a laugh, a cry and educate themselves all at the same time.
Date Added: 10/31/2006 by Claire Martin