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A Can of Madness

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Jason is one of the most amazing, wonderful, warm ,kind, caring, gentle and senstive people I have ever met,he is a close, trusted friend and colleague, who devotes his whole life to EMPOWERING nad HELPING others by being honest and open enough about the pain and mental anguish he suffered as a result of the violent behaviour which can be a direct manifestation of the mood swings associated with the Bi-Polar described in his book.

The behaviour is a direct description of some of the symptoms of this mental illness. The behaviour manifesting itself during mental illness is NOT CAUSED BY THE PERSON WHO IS EXPERIENCING IT. IT IS NOT THE PERSON'S TRUE PERSONALITY , which is masked through the illness, and often becomes like a caged bird ready to take wing. HATE THE BEHAVIOUR, NOT THE PERSON. should be the rule of thumb when meeting people like ourselves.

Jason is one of the bravest, caring people I have ever met and has touched and changed my life totally through his willingness to share my pain by being there for me whenever I need him, no matter how busy he is.

The NHS need to give Jason a key to the acute wards and let him loose in there for three months, then see how many people would walk out of there completely cured. I'm a walking testimony to how Jason's positivity can cure negative thinking and heal a low self esteem . and can't wait until the new book Curing Madness and the film Cans Of Madness comes out later next year.
Date Added: 10/31/2006 by Fiona Whelpton