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£500 a Line and Other Poems


A very fine book written by a very fine woman. I read this on a flight from Amsterdam to Aberdeen and found it so good I read it the next week when I flew from Amsterdam to Houston … it was stunning the first time and mega stunning the second time. Today I fly back to Amsterdam and may well read it again. I was touched by the wit, wisdom and honesty in this book. It is open, revealing and very very funny. I have never met Liz but feel privileged to have had this insight to her mind, heart and soul. When I read it for a second time I tried to imagine what some of the work would look and sound like if she was performing it live in her kitchen. It was very entertaining. The next step is to tell others to get this book and change your life. I think you can read it any place you like. Not just in airplanes you could read it in bed, sitting at the table or even on your bike.Great book well worth the money !!!
Date Added: 05/06/2011 by Douglas Cairns