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The Q


What about this book?

We all feel the pressure today to act like sheep and follow the" Q". The "Q" offers the path of least resistance. We can blame the "Q" for the way our lives are, but we rarely look beyond it. The mundane life is a disease. Many find short term enlightenment by varied means.The sustainably enlightened are able to step back and see the bigger picture.....some of the time!!

Harry Steel transports us from the familiar, to what for most of us is not. The descriptive writing places us right in the moment. Alive with sights, sounds and smells. Mack's journey takes us to fantastically exciting locations and then we are dropped back to "real life" with abandon.

We all have fantasies but with just a little vision, that "Q" can be a whole lot more exciting!
Date Added: 09/22/2010 by Paul Winkley