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Defragmenting The Soul

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Review of Defragmenting the Soul

Defragmenting the Soul is a genuinely compelling read: there are epiphanic moments of disclosure, inspiration, revelation, humour and, in the end, hard earned wisdom that is offered up for others to benefit from or not, their choice.

No preaching here! Although a highly informed and intelligent exposition, the style is light and predicated on honest revelation, not self-indulgence. It makes us laugh, and it makes us cry, as we are taken further and deeper into understanding ourselves and others.

Mathew is our guide and mentor; through him along with other memorable voices in the book, our own learned preconceptions are gently dispersed, and we journey with the author towards the freedom and integrity that an open mind brings.

I would recommend anyone working in this area along with any who share similar experiences themselves or through loved ones and want to know more, to read this book as a matter of urgency. It is clear that we all have a lot to learn.

Anna Mc Namara
Date Added: 03/09/2010 by Anna Mc Namara