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Flying My Own Plane


This review was made on "Flying My Own Plane Page" by Sarah Douglas
• "Flying My Own Plane is a phenomenal insight into Mental Ill Health. If you have read it from cover to cover once, although on the heavy side, it's a book about someone who was clever, funny, strange, innocent and beautiful, so therefore, pick up the book again and read it cover to cover and see how David's illness can shed light on the torment he suffered, or indeed any person suffering from mental ill health. Ride the depths of despair he rode with feeling and realise that at the end of your read its like going to the cinema, without the popcorn, sweets etc to eat during the anxiety driven madness of watching a psychological thriller. You are completely transfixed on the screen but have nothing to take the edge off. Writing helps to process all the words and voices, sounds and all the lovely and hateful emotions you feel and hear in your head when you suffer from Mental ill health. Where can that noise go when you have no care to get up, wash, have fun, be serious all the time because, lets face it, ppl with mental ill health take the worlds problems on their shoulders because concentrating on your own problems probably felt like having two worlds instead of just one. Thats why although on the outside everything is rosy, its actually not, they are voiceless as a result which is why these ppl are classed as vulnerable and should always be protected by the state whatever our judgement of them is. At least when you walk out of the cinema, you can say "that was a good film" and go for a pint to forget about it or always remember it. Being Mentally ill destroys your sense of reality and slowly kills you until you have no strength left to fight family, friends, acquaintances, Dr's of the psychological kind, GP's and even ur own children just to convince yourself that you will be ok and protecting those you love is the answer from exposing the real u. The threat of someone exposing you, your illness is the reason suicide is so prevalent. It's a constant torment that grows to consume u until the inevitable. Ppl with mental ill health fool themselves, fool others just for some peace and quiet in their heads and heart but the most damaging of all is their denial, which can cause the utmost amount of damage to all those involved. All we need is love, isn't that what John Lennon said and he's dead - he was a smart guy too, not because he is dead but because he recognised early on what was real and what wasn't. C'mon Doctors, administer, be patient, raise money and raise the dead so that all those who take their life can be illuminated into the light of a new world, with a new generation and a new attitude to an age old stigma. Spread some love and not democracy for a change. Work hard at solutions rather than a bank balance or budget. Christine and her son do exactly that. They work hard at raising awareness and I hope someone reading his book and checks out the Facebook page is inspired by David's honesty and Christine's love."
Date Added: 12/05/2012 by Christine Wilkie