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Mental Health Publishing and Empowerment


A new dimension in mental health publishing - wellbeing for all

Mental Health Publishing and Empowerment: The Chipmunkapublishing Process by Jason Pegler

Jason Pegler has carried out a groundbreaking evaluation of the empowerment writing can bring to anyone who has suffered mental distress.

Jason shows how writing can be used for catharsis, development, healing and personal success. More than 20 Chipmunka authors have contributed their stories and have endorsed the message that people with mental illness can and do recover. Where there is life, there is hope, recovery, fulfilment and the very best of human potential.

As a Chipmunka author, I am continuing my healing through the mental health publishing process. Thank you Jason,

A book for anyone needing insight, encouragement, hope and belief. A book which encourages healing, personal development, success and wellbeing.
Date Added: 07/23/2009 by Judith Haire