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Letters Labelled Lunacy: Love


Here is a standing tribute to Chimpunka Publishing for taking on a burden of publishing this book. I typed this book the best I could at the time, wanting to get most of my work published as my affairs were unsudden and unsure. This book is the swing, the heave, another long shot, another blind Robin Hood bullseye attempt, just virtue of becoming published and on record. This book picks up circa 2005 when I was trying to write and had not much to write about. I am just becoming aware of how the locals despised me that I wonder that anyone would not welcome amnesia from electroshocks. That is why the neutral minded thinking attracts less karma. Karma and rebirth and merit is like sin in that what we think brings karma then bulding up to the former position and that takes merit which can be gained from being neutral minded. To explain karma is easy,A song, someone expressing their soul, exposes a person to receive karma as punishment or discipline, a type of asthetics (ism). The spirits attending, the genius, exacts a price or owes that succubi (succubus) a toll, return on that gift,religion is kind of like a push-pull thing like the sun and moon pushing and pulling, push-pull. This book is very accusatory and defensive on my part and I am not saying that it was right is like. Right is like everyone sitting and reading without conflict or debate. What I wrote is almost my ''law'' and that is not me exactly. A rhyme has to rhyme and not be a law, can it? Robert
Date Added: 01/16/2011 by Robert Nix