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Don't Mind Me


This book tells a story of a woman name Judith Haire, a human being going through the heartache and tears of having dysfunctional relationships. Unlike many books that lack the information and process behind the recovery towards gaining oneself, Judith shares key details during and after the abuse. Don't Mind Me is a book that should be in every house hold in America. When you read this book, you will agree and connect to similar abuse if you have ever been in an abusive relationship.

If you research the numbers, you will see that this is not an isolated problem in America. We are lucky that people like Judith Haire step up and write books like: "Don't Mind Me" and open their souls to all of us. So we can connect to something further than the numbers and see how these issues can still be overcome through some of the steps she takes in this book. I applaud You for putting together something that can help change the dysfunctional patterns and prove that you can still have inner peace with out the mental scars.

Also applaud your sister Jane and your husband Ken for sticking by your side. Wish you the best and continue to be the advocate you are. You are a true role model.

Date Added: 02/17/2012 by Judith Haire