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The Celtic Holy Grail Quest


This book has been a great read and I've learned loads from it (and had a little giggle, the chapter about the car was really good). I absolutely loved the last chapter especially; a really good job was done of bringing everything together and I almost feel like there's moral to the whole story. It left me with a really warm, happy "buzzy" feeling and I felt really calm. I think its because the turmoil and negative times were portrayed so well, to end with such an uplifting chapter was lovely.

If I may compare it to something which might sound trivial; I felt like I had been on a long phonecall with a friend who is having a really difficult time and ended the call with them feeling much better.

The main message I drew from this book was the idea of channelling negativity into something more productive. In a way David himself is testament to that; if he hadn't have gone through everything then this book wouldn't have come about.

It was a brilliant book and I will recommend it to people I know that would be interested in reading it.

Date Added: 05/22/2008 by Sarah Raw