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What a book ! It's difficult to maintain an easy-to-read format whilst giving numerous, factual events.
Eileen Chubb has succeeded in letting the reader become part of the evil world of abuse and neglect of elderly, vulnerable people. With every sordid detail you, the reader, feel the hatred towards the perpetrator - as if you were there yourself.

My beloved mum, Joan Gaddes, was a resident in a Bupa-run "care" home - where she was abused and neglected. Severe dehydration, malnutrition, rotting pressures sores - then death. It's such a recurring pattern in "care" homes.

We chose a Bupa Home as we believed that, being under the Bupa 'umbrella', she would be treated with dignity, respect & kindness. How wrong we were.

Eileen also asks : "who is the most guilty?" ie those who carry out the abuse, the "regulatory" body for care homes (CSCI) - or the chairmen and chief execs who run the companies.
She then answers that all are equally culpable. How true.

Even the title of the book is spot-on : all Bupa's Homes have impressive, grand exteriors - it's the interiors which give cause for concern.
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