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ISBN: 978-1-78382- 6445
Published: 2022
Pages: 61


Phenomenological Experiences of Schizophrenia and The South Asian Heritage is a personal journey into the experience of schizophrenia specifically from the Asian point of view. The work consists my BSC Honours in Psychology Dissertation and cumulative works exploring Schizophrenia. Some doctors and specialists regard the work as relevant to the majority of the general broad range of Schizophrenia communities not just South Asian heritage. The works also include long term research into therapies and medications in the treatment of Schizophrenia which is not widely available at this current time.

About the author

Shuresh Patel always thought that he had let his parents and the Hindu community down in respect to his education and suicide attempt at the local temple (suicide is the most dishonourable thing imaginable in Hinduism). When his dad passed away in 1999 he wanted to prove that he was a worthwhile human being; eventually going to University in 2002 to do his studies. He has lived with Schizophrenia since 1983 and wanted to share some of his experiences with people in a similar situation.


This study was done because of the scarcity of published research into the experiences of South Asian schizophrenic sufferers in relation to their cultural background. The method used was anonymous electronic and hard copy questionnaires containing open ended questions aimed specifically at South Asian cultural heritage schizophrenic sufferers. The data collected from the questionnaires was analysed using inductive thematic analysis. The respondents felt their family and religion were generally supportive; secondary to this support came the Mental Health Services. The three respondents showed an overall lack of insight into their schizophrenic condition. The discussion suggests that cultural heritage affects the way families relate to schizophrenics and that Mental Health Services should be more culturally appropriate.

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