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Light and Dark


By Kim Wheeler

ISBN: 978-1-78382-488-5
Published: 2019
Pages: 102
Key Themes: Mental Health, abuse, Survival


I began to write down my thoughts while beginning the long arduous journey that took me from the bowels of my darkened ‘shit pit’ to the light as a way of removing the many years of angst and hurt, that I had hidden away in the recesses of my unhappy confused mind. I found it therapeutic but ultimately boring. I then decided it might help if I just wrote short verses/poems however painful to write and at a much later date, to read.

With every poem written and there were many, I felt lighter after removing the many skins that built up over fifty years in order to protect myself, the boy and the man.

In total, I must have written over one hundred and fifty, and after reflection many could only be assigned to the bin, not because they were not good, quite the opposite but with every read, I felt this tugging at my heart, similar to that when you see an old photograph of a lost friend or pet, just too much to bear.

Light and Dark is just a small collection of some of these poems, chosen as they helped me face and deal with the world spinning around inside my head. I have also added some words about my life and some images of my photography that also became intrinsic in my self-healing…

The life and times of Kim Wheeler, From illiterate child to author

I was born as Charlie Hunter in London in 1954 and spent my formative years in a barren children’s home in Lewisham, South London. I was then fostered and adopted aged six and aged eleven sent away to boarding school and left aged fifteen with no real qualifications but excelled in sport and decided that I wanted to join the army.

I took enforced early retirement from work after a succession of injuries and major surgeries aged just forty and found solace in rescuing large breed dogs, writing poetry, taking photographs nature, my dogs and the utter beauty of our world and improving my writing skills.

I am a published author of many genres of books some of which are for sale on this website and some are no longer available.

Over the past twenty-six years I have rescued six large breed dogs and currently own two, Spirit and Bluebell. I also train dogs but more importantly train the owners in owning a dog.

I wrote a book called Rescue Dog Rescues Man which I have donated to several dog homes and I will upload onto this webpage. I play the guitar badly and am the first to admit that I need a lot more practise as I sound like a cow giving birth.

I have written six children’s adventure books all about a kid called Jonny Plumb and his two faithful Rottweiler dogs, Legend and Legion. I have also written Healing the Broken which is about just a few of the trials I have endured during his brief stay on Planet Earth, written to help myself but more importantly to help others realise that whatever the pain and sufferings, there is always hope and a way to get through any battle.


Kim Wheeler is the master at expressing his inner thoughts and feelings in words. He is also a great photographer and poet. With seven published books to his name, he continues to impress me. His poetry is often gut-wrenching and brutally honest, but I admire any male who can express himself so frankly. It shows a personality that is striving to be the best person possible.

Kim’s photographs also show exceptional talent. As a published author and photographer, myself, I can relate to the connection between words on a page and taking photographs.

This is a thought-provoking book that has taken great courage to compile.

Clancy Tucker

Award-winning Australian author and photographer. .

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