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Schizophrenia (My delusion)


By P J Ashton

ISBN: 9781783824595
Published: 2019
Pages: 319


Iím not a literary person by nature but after watching the film ĎA Beautiful Mindí, I was left with the desire to write about my own experiences and the narrative of my voices, which Iíve lived with for over thirty years. It might be helpful for other schizophrenics, the medical profession, or the public to understand how grand and logical delusions appear to a sufferer. I still have difficulty accepting itís all generated by my own mind. A few of the concepts in the book might seem a little strange, but one is dealing with the mind, which to a large extent, is dealing with the unknown. Itís not a subject that one normally associates with human fulfilment. In Schizophrenia (my delusion) I have written about my delusions in a fictional story. The book is about an individual (Phoenix Anton) on a planet called Perth, who begins to have psychological problems, which then turn into a spiritual journey.

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