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You-Valuism: The Scripture


By Benjamin De Silva

ISBN: 9781783824311
Published: 2018
Pages: 242
Key Themes: Mental Illness, Empowerment

About the Author

Benjamin De Silva is a writer and journalist who edited a national paper in Britain. He wrote this book to encourage mankind to develop an understanding of Socialism and further afield. His contribution to political philosophy, in it, is not only for the South Asian community, where he originated, but for the rest of the world also. He studied politics at London University for two years, passing both times, with his highest grades in International Politics and Sinhalese, the main or dominant language of Sri Lanka. He had to leave after a bout of schizophrenia, which he has investigated in person.

About the Book

The evolutionary theory of psychology states that schizophrenia (hearing voices) are what the prophets had, which enabled them to speak with God. The author of this book, likewise, suffered or benefited from this so-called "illness" and used what he heard to help him guide what is written down. May this book go toward understanding schizophrenia further, so people can judge whether it stands as scripture or just dribble.

Book Extract

The limits of political philosophy!

So, not so strong! Letís win. The You-Value guise is on, without horrid or trouble. Yes, Marx wanted a cooperative world, with less competitive in, which he said caused, the chase after money, all wars and colonialism as the peak. But should we peak it, or change it!? Yes, Buddhists say change is what we should focus on, not peaks and troughs, for better adaptability.

But You-Valuism is a peak, the highest order of the polity, but we can change to it! So letís not grumble. One day, we will win!! But donít over trough, or get depressed, because itís not that far off. We already have one fifth of the worldís population, or there abouts, in brown skin colour, in South Asia, taking the toll, like it did under Colonialism, to win its original tradition and history which the whites, now not so unruly, stole.

Letís not quibble about vengeance. The whites and westerners are on a learning game also, and we should forgive, because suffering unleashed is suffering within, so we all know they are, one day, on their way to higher freedom and happy, if they comply.

The day will come when all political philosophy is on a You-Value spirit, a selfless abode, where no one gripes anymore, and all is still, without needing to hide or wonder what the Earth was like, one day.

Letís forgive. The westerners werenít all wrong, but they lost their way and can recover and have marvellous philosophy to warrant a higher education superior to much of the world, well maybe. Even Oxford wasnít all full of toffs when Marx was around, because the socialists wanted a fairer world order and a world military, which we proposed, is a need, not of the hour, but of the day at least!

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