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Rose Petals in the Ashtray


By John F B Tucker

ISBN: 978-1-78382-362-6
Published: 2017
Pages: 55
Key Themes: Mental Health,


Rose Petals In The Ashtray is a first collection of poetry by John F B Tucker. He believes poetry to be an experiment into more advanced thinking, a distillation of intelligence, a defamiliarisation of perception. Paul Inman, fellow poet, has noted 'John Tucker's writing style is very [invent new mouth to describe new sense]. Many of the poems are the products of the creative writing courses at Warwick University and Lancaster University. .

About the Author

John F B Tucker has schizoaffective disorder. It was diagnosed in his mid-twenties. He has been in mental hospital three times and hopes to never go back. He is on mood-stabilisers and anti-psychotics which seem to keep his symptoms in remission. He hears voices still. He works as a volunteer at the mental health charity Mind.

Book Extract


I have got a new plot, thought the dullard.
Literature, newly challenged by the internet,
and in the wake of September 11th
has started to release seratonin.
It is a defense mechanism against death.
Imagine! And imagine how happy we are!
The dullard was on 4CMC when he thought it.
The drug was a seratonin disinhibitor.
He started to perceive the world through
the frame of angel hair, the boundaries
of objects started to become untenable,
there were weird, Escherian shapes in the air.
'When you remove the inner monologue,
you become an open energy conduit',
he noted to himself, chemically enlightened.
Question the comfort and see for yourself.

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