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By Oritsesemisan Megbele

ISBN: 9781783823086
Published: 2016
Pages: 600
Key Themes: Mental Health, Schizophrenia


Book Description: Is it not true that the only source of knowledge is experience is it also true experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes? The top of the mountain has a couple of different museums and viewing areas. Its cloudy most of the time up there but the weather can change quickly. Most of us would probably agree that users experience is the perception a user has of their interaction with a system. It is a means of creating a good or negative perception of such a system. This is good, but it doesnít get to the root of the issue. The question that really interests me is, why would I want to spend so much time and effort understanding that positive or negative perception itís because am part of the system another questions is why should I actually be part of the systems?

Life satisfaction is the way a person perceives how his or her life has been and how they feel about where it is going in the future. It is a measure of well-being and may be assessed in terms of mood, satisfaction with the relationship we have with other people and with achieved goals, self-concepts, and self-perceived ability to cope with daily life. It is also part of having a favourable attitude with oneís life as a whole with their current feelings. Life satisfaction has been measured in relation to economic standing, amount of education, experience, as well as many other topics. Life satisfaction can reflect experiences that have affected a person in a positive or negative way. These experiences have the ability to motivate people to pursue or reach their goals. There are two emotions that may affect how people perceive their lives. Hope and optimism both consist of cognitive processes that are usually oriented towards the reaching of goals and the perception of those goals. Additionally, optimism is linked to higher life satisfaction whereas pessimism is related to symptoms in a journey of you and I. Such are the basis on which his books have been written. He hopes his readers would ascertain the psychological or spiritual warfare contained in this book as they would find in his other books the titles of his books encapsulates all areas of each book and its contents. If creatures do not serve as food for the gods or deities they serve as a mystic or a prerequisite to bind the beast.

About the Author

Oritsesemisan Bamidele Megbele was born in Islington in the district of Tollington to late Chief Dr. Frank Anirejuoritse Megbele and late Mrs. Joy Abeni Faneye Megbele on the 27th of July 1966. This was during the Nigerian Biafra war. His parents were separated just after; he was born without being divorced for the rest of their life. He grew up at Warri Delta state, Lagos, Port Harcourt and at Oyo state Nigeria.

Oritsesemisanís father originated from Delta state of Nigeria which was once part of Bendel State in Mid-Western Nigeria. While his mother originated from Abeokuta Ogun State of Western Nigeria. These books are series of books he hopes to publish, which he believes contain his life final trials and the need for third world countries to change.

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