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Magical Souls


'A Novel'
By Tala Cloudwatcher

ISBN: 978-1-78382-250-8
Published: 2016
Pages: 210
Key Themes: Mental Health


“Life offers us many opportunities. Through life we may learn that dreams are life’s gifts; how they are like maps of existence, to be fathomed, and unravelled. We can also learn how dreams are the very fabric between the intangible and the real, the key to the very mystery of our existence: mystical, magnificent, ephemeral fugues of possibility. Or we can sleep. Living our lives like sleep walkers in the night, without wonder or resonance. For life is the journey through space and time, through life and death, love, hopes and dreams: A journey towards understanding our purpose and finding out exactly why we are here on Earth, and what we must do.”

October 2011. London is poised to be occupied by two thousand activists, hippies, dropouts, radicals, environmentalists, New-Age folk and those who just want to see positive change - the occupy movement. 12 people; Hawk, Magic, Silver Rain, Sky, Moon, Log, Urtema, Thunder, Alba, Star, Autumn and Fish, feel the pull of their destiny more than at any other time in their lives. Their dreams are filled with a story of a tribe much like themselves, which resonates throughout their being- a bridge between their past and present, between the world of dreams and the world of living. And each time they awake from these powerful dreams they feel a sense of urgency, a sense that something is about to happen that will change their lives forever.

Some are bright dreams of a brighter future, a new way of living but other dreams are much darker, of a past, 1n 1492 in which they are condemned as witches by someone known as the Pursuer. For them soon it will be the end of an epoch, as predicted by the Mayans. But what will happen on the 21st of December 2012? Will they witness a new epoch, or an Apocalypse, and will they find each other in time?

Magical Souls is a novel of interconnected love stories, exploring the possibility of reincarnation. It’s a fictional story inspired by real events, which shows how an understanding our past lives, can help us fulfil our destiny.

About the Author

Tala Cloudwatcher was born in London in 1970. She grew up in South London in a working class family of mixed heritage- English, Irish, Welsh, Jamaican and Taíno (native Amerindians of Jamaica). She travelled to Africa after her A levels and had a mystical experience, after someone spiked her drink and she fell unconscious and awoke feeling different- some how new. After writing a play for the royal court YPT about the Morant Bay uprising in Jamaica, Tala studied Literature and Philosophy at Middlesex University, pursuing her dream of being a writer. Looking for a subject she worked with children in care after University, but had a nervous breakdown in 1998, after some challenging work in Essex. She decided after that to give up working with people and went back to University to get an MA in Fine Art. She lives close to Brixton, which she loves, with her son, and practices as both an artist and writer. Tala sees herself as a Buddhist and a Pagan, but is open to all faiths, she practise mediation with Urtema Dolphin, and has been studying yoga since her breakdown, and claims yoga helps her to ‘navigate life.’ She is also part of Urtema Dolphin’s medicine circle in Brixton and Othona community in Essex an intentional community, where she met her beloved, Majk Stokes. Tala is now working on a new novel ‘Histories of human angels’, which examines the importance of personal ancestry.

Book Extract

Soon it was to be the end of a time, the end of an epoch. Some were waiting with longing, others expectation, or even with dread, for the 21st of December 2012. It was to be the end of a 5,126-year-long cycle of humanity’s existence. The neo-pagans said the end of the world was just the start of a new period, a new epoch: a time when the Earth and humans would undergo a positive physical and spiritual transformation. Others said that it would be the Apocalypse, the end of all humanity, and the destruction of the beautiful blue planet that had been the humans' home for so long. It was claimed that Earth was being pulled into a giant black hole at the centre of the galaxy. Whichever version was about to happen, many felt the pull of their destiny more than at any other time in their lives. For twelve souls, each night their dreams were filled with a story of a tribe of twelve souls much like themselves, which resonated throughout their being: a bridge between the past and present, between the world of dreams and the world of living. And each time they awoke, Hawk, Silver Rain, Magic, Sky, Autumn, Log, Fish, Alba, Star, Urtema, Thunder and Moon awoke with a sense of urgency, a spark of destiny, a sense that something was about to happen to all of them that would change their lives for ever.

Alba lived in a beautiful third floor apartment which over looked the sea, in Brighton. It belonged to her rich aunt Maud, who was soon to return from her luxurious world cruise. Alba still liked the novelty and went to the beach daily, usually on the way to her studio. As Alba cycled along the sea front, she felt the delicious breeze as it chased her wispy fair hair across her elfin face. She was a wind person, who longed to fly. The closest that she ever felt was breezing along on her bike, with the wind chasing her.

Alba locked up her bike on the railings and then ran across the hard pebbles, which stabbed into her bare feet, and ran into the luscious icy cold water. Alba enjoyed how the cold water felt, refreshing and invigorating. Even now, when the autumn was fading and the last of the leaves clung to the windswept trees, she preferred cold water, because it made her feel alive.

Alba had a studio at Zoo Studios: a bohemian complex of studios of decaying old Victorian buildings that she imagined would have been some sort of factory. It had been abandoned, then squatted, and now housed many different sorts of artist for very low rents. Alba felt like a bit of a fraud- could she count her garment-making as art? But she took to heart William Morris’s motto that art was something that should be both usual and beautiful. Not a signed urinal. Jokes last a few minutes, but beautiful garments can last a lifetime and beyond. Alba was making dresses and coats from curtains that she found in charity shops. She wasn’t sure why, but she loved the process of turning old discarded material into something which had a new life- beautiful garments that she could wear. She worked intuitively, the sun streaming through her south-facing window. Today she was coming to the end of the process. The coat she was making had a large hood, wide arms and beautiful moss-green leaves embroidered into the fabric. She wasn’t sure what compelled her to make medieval-inspired clothing. She listened out for the artist next door, Fish, but she couldn’t hear the usually rustling of Fish cleaning her brushes, preparing her canvas.

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