By Emily Skye

ISBN: 978-1-78382-111-2
Published: 2014
Pages: 48
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry, Art, Abuse, Relationships


‘Ours’ is a collection of poems that hits the spot. Emily Skye’s words are brave and strong and simple, giving a necessary and clear voice to difficult experiences. She focuses often on the impact abuse has on relationships, which will touch many others. People who have experienced childhood abuse will identify with these poems and find them helpful because they break silence, articulate the unspeakable, offer hope, and show that no one need be alone in their pain.
Miriam Taylor, psychotherapist,trainer and author of ‘Trauma Therapy and Clinical Practice’.

Emily Skye’s Ours is borne from a long journey of quest and return. Emily brings back from a world of confusion and disturbance, a series of gifts in the shape of poems and images. These pieces are important in opening up a dialogue - not just about the content, but the form that they take - gradually becoming sharper, clearer and more rooted in tangible images and moments, a metaphor for the author’s personal recovery and growth. I am optimistic that Emily will share this visual and literary map with those who understand the challenging places it navigates and the hopeful new vista that this book presents.
Programme Leader, MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes, Metanoia Institute.

Sexual abuse thrives on secrecy and silence. And in that silence, those who have suffered, still suffer and so often feel alone. In sharing her journey, in breaking her silence, Emily Skye shines a small, sometimes wavering, sometimes clear light into the dark. And I have no doubt many who have suffered abuse, who have been in that dark place, will feel that they have a companion; that they are not alone. And will feel strengthened for their own journey.
Donald Findlater, Director, Stop it Now

About the Author

Emily Skye, MA, trained as a Gestalt and Integrative Child Psychotherapist. Following twenty years practice in health and social care, she has now turned her attention to writing, teaching and research in the field of mental health. She works for the Open University and Metanoia Psychotherapy Training Institute.

Book Extract


I will not impose meaning upon these poems or even a lens through which to read them. Meaning is a process, ever changing and my understanding of the messages in the poems continues to unfold. What they mean for you is yours. They arrived with me as offerings, bringing hope and clarity when I most needed this. I treasure them as mine, but they do not belong to me. I share them gladly in the hope that they gently accompany you along your way. I will tell you a little of my story, so that if you wish you can read this alongside the poems, not constraining or filtering their meaning for you, but simply offering some context of where they emerged in my life, which you can of course choose to read or not.  

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