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The Game


By Sean McDermott

ISBN: 978-1-84991-818-3
Published: 2012
Pages: 42
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry, Recovery


ĎThe poetry of Sean is like no other, reading them is like stripping away the meaningless things of life. They talk in a fashion that could be described as both wise and child like. They deal with emotionally charged issues that are often ignored. They make us contemplate society as a whole and question where our own purity and innocence has gone. Perhaps it takes a naÔve view from a pure yet troubled mind to show us the way forward? The work is strengthened by both the beautifully coloured imagery that Sean uses and the sadness and joy that dance together through them.í

Bob Malpiedi,
Manager, Newcastle and Gateshead Art Studio

ĎSeanís collection of poems captures a tale of recovery, intensely personal but with universal appeal and application. His work has a deceptive simplicity, conveying deep emotions and complex situations in a pithy, accessible fashion. He never shies away from asking the obvious but difficult questions about life, those which too many prefer not to consider because of the soul-searching that would entail. His honesty and openness are a credit to him, and shine through in his poems; recommended reading.í

Alisdair Cameron,
Launchpad Team Leader

About the Author

From an early age I always found it hard to accept that there wasnít more to life than the average daily grind. By the age of 15 however I started hanging around with friends and looking up to rock stars as role models. They smoked a lot of marijuana so we did too and it seemed OK, but around the same time I lost interest in school - partly because I wanted to learn things for myself rather than just copy from text books but partly because I didnít want to go. The only subject that ever really held my interest was Sociology.

In 1990 things spiralled out of control. I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and spent the next few years experiencing the many facets of the mental health system. The environment was often unsuitable for recovery and some of the staff was unhelpful. Some of them were very helpful though and as time went on I realised that people in positions of authority werenít all bad.

I didnít find working life easy when I tried to get into it as people were often unkind to me but during one of my stays in hospital I picked up my guitar and rediscovered my creativity. I started writing poems and songs and this is something Iíve continued ever since. During this process I have learned much about myself, about people in general and the nature of the world we live in.

Ironically, if I hadnít become ill Iím not sure if this would have happened, so in a way things have come full circle and Iíve realised that itís OK to be part of society and still retain a level of individuality. Iím now trying to get voluntary work and have started giving talks and readings about my experiences. I hope you will gain something from this.

Book Extract

Another Chance

The ideal world I wish to see,
my thoughts tell me
itís not to be.
Where do they come from?
And what do they know?
How to nurture a
mind and grow?
Sleepy eyes disguise
whatís within,
come on son, carry on
and donít give in,
your soul is tired
and your body is thin
but you must try again
and this time win.

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