Ciao Bella


By Fabia Cerra

ISBN: 978-1-84991-097-2
Published: 2011
Pages: 115
Key Themes: Beauty Therapy, Mental Health


In my book, I will help you get to know yourself and give you the confidence to get to know your skin type, and have a daily skin care routine. Use the correct skin care products for your individual skin care needs. Find colours to complement your skin tone and how to apply your make-up in easy steps. We will go through the functions of the skin, because I believe knowledge is power and I want to give that knowledge to you, so when you next go out to buy your cosmetics, you will be confident to know exactly what to look for on the packaging (with all the confusing bits taken out). It is also good for you to recognize if you have a certain skin condition and how to get it treated without worrying about it. If you are getting married and maybe you have a tattoo or a skin mark that you do not want to show on your wedding day, then this book will tell you the product, how to purchase it and how to apply it. Facial cosmetic contouring, is a very clever way of highlighting and shading certain shapes on the face, and believe me it is very effective and looks great. I want to uncover the secrets of the make-up artists, so you donít pay a fortune when you can teach yourself at home with practice.

About the Author

Fabia is an established author with chipmunkapublishing since 2008. Her autobiography In 2 Minds is selling and, she has a deal with Whsmith to do a book signing in her home town of Oxford in 2011.

She was born in Oxford in 1973 to Italian and English heritage. Her dream was always contempary jazz dancing, just like film Flashdance.

Fabia became a world champion in 1984 but, due to school bullies she wanted to concentrate on her exams.

Fabia took up burlesque dance classes in 2008 to get back into dancing and get fit again. She never dreamed she would dance on the hit TV show Britainís Got Talent and, make it to the semi finals. Series 3 2009.

Now, Fabia gets booking to perform and, charity and modelling events in London and, is also an aspiring glamour model too.

Book Extract

Facial Cleansing Routine

The entire palm surface of the hand should be in contact with the skin. Gently roll and pat on the cleanser over the neck, chin, jaw line, cheeks (avoid eye area) and the forehead.

Once the cleanser is well distributed, place both hands on the neck area and start to work upwards, placing one hand over the other. Then work the chin area by patting the skin quite firmly, this tightens the area. Keep working in an upward direction, sweeping over the cheeks and also use circular movements, take it up the bridge of the nose (avoid the eye area) and then work around the forehead.

There is a different pressure for everyone, so you know what feels good to you, without over working the skin.

Once completed, take two dampened cotton wool discs and using the same technique as the cleansing routine, gently remove the cleanser. Once you are happy with the removal, take a tissue and gently roll and pat dry your neck and facial area.

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