Through Life's Door


By Dolores L. Bell

ISBN: 978-1-84991-594-6
Published: 2011
Pages: 137
Key Themes: Depression, Mental Health, Biography, Family


This is a true account of one woman's encounters with depression, and how she dealt with it. It was never easy, and her story tells of her ecstatically good times, followed by the depths of despair she plummeted into. Her battle with prescription drugs, psychiatrists and Mental Institutions, and her fight to lead a normal family life were a constant drain on her physical health, in addition to her already fragile state. The first thirty-three years of her life are described in detail as she remembered it, and although she died aged 62 years, of an unrelated illness, it was her wish to let other people in similar circumstances, see that they are not alone with their problems, and that there is light at the end of that very long, dark tunnel.

Book Extract

The Mecca Lacarno in Basildon was one of our regular haunts. It was a very popular dance hall, and the only one in the town. There was a resident group of musicians who, we thought, were one of the best groups we had heard, in a dance hall anyway. The main singer was very good looking, with a voice to go with it. The music was loud, and coloured spotlights flashed on and off while people danced. The dance floor was quite large but got packed. It was very cramped, with everybody trying to find space to dance. There was one of those large balls hanging from the ceiling, with mirrors which reflected the spotlights as it rotated. They had one of these at the Ilford Palais too. It sent off little flecks of light all around, and the different colours gave the dance hall a “groovy atmosphere”. Along one side of the floor were intimate settees for two, and a place to leave your handbag while you danced. In exchange for your handbag they gave you a numbered disc, just as they did at the cloakroom. Upstairs at the far end was a licensed bar with glass windows looking onto the dance floor, and you could see from one end to the other. There were small tables scattered here and there, in case you didn’t want to sit up at the bar on a stool. I always found that doing that wasn’t very comfortable as I never knew where to put my feet. They just seemed to dangle with a will of their own. The main bar was “L” shaped, and had a balcony all round where you could sit and watch the people dancing, or have a quiet drink and a chat with your friends.

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