Face the Music and Dance


By Brian Walker

ISBN: 978-1-84991-255-6
Published: 2010
Pages: 147
Key Themes: fiction, bipolar disorder, manic depression, family


Guy Dangerfield is young, bright and on his way in life. He’ll stroll into university, and has a highly promising future. But almost overnight, this all changes. Fate sends him on it’s own journey. He is 18, when his parents are killed and several disastrous events take him to rock bottom. He arduously starts rebuilding his life when, he meets the beautiful Yvie, wealthy and very well connected. But how he can get involved with someone whose lifestyle is a palace to his cowshed ?. He’s a fighter though and grimly hangs on till things gradually improve. Eventually he is the only one who can protect Yvie from a group of French Satanists. Colourful, believable characters, a strong sexual thread plus action in Geneva,the Monte Carlo Rally and Chelsea make up a heavily self experienced ‘story’.

About the Author

Brian Walker is bipolar which has dictated his life but he is a confirmed seeker. His interest is in life and it’s purpose rather than it’s glittering prizes. People and their motivations fascinate him as do Life’s intangible elements, love, faith, fate, death, compassion, sex, good, evil, and friendship He cut his creative teeth in marketing for three major PLC’s working on adverts, products and media liaison winning many writing plaudits. He has also performed as a solo singer songwriter. His first book ‘Face the Music and Dance’ is a wonderful story, which entertains while exploring many of life’s deepest emotions such as love infidelity and compassion. Regular scene changes to interesting places like Geneva, hold the reader’s interest as his characters and story develop. The book has already had very favourable previews.

Book Extract


It was a day for dreams and visions. I lay on my back on the grassy headland above the cove, gazing spellbound at the seamless blue sky. The first time I’d done so in many years. The strong wind lashed the massive expanse of salt water into indefatigable white breakers which attacked the seemingly impregnable rocks below. In time the water would defeat the rocks, leaving no trace of them. Who has ever taken on the sea and won? Its power has consumed me as far back as I can remember. Its vastness and ability to resist change are awesome. It has always been a looking glass for me to contemplate my own fate against the immensity of the universe, its waves are the turning pages. The warm sun lulled me into a retrospective dream, winding back the years so easily. I never had brothers or sisters, so the sea replaced their games and became my confidante. Whenever I got the chance I’d sneak along the mile or so of beach from my house to this sacred place, my own maritime Alice in Wonderland. The cool invigorating sea air could always be relied upon to splash water on my face while the wind snatched handfuls of my hair. The guardians of my cove, the circling seagulls, chorused a welcome. I’d won them over ages ago with my frequent loyal visits. This human was somehow permitted entry to their kingdom. I listened to the chilly blue North Sea barking commands to its foot soldiers the waves, to be born and die without question, as they have done for aeons. How can the sea not be eternal? Humans are so puny, mere mortals, who foolishly regard themselves as the peak of the pyramid. Falling into the same trap, that perfect summer’s day I felt I would live forever and always come to this enchanted place. I was to learn how easily this timeless bargain could be annulled.

Like Adam in the Garden, I was blissfully unaware that a snake had already entered paradise and was about to strike. Soon Eden would be gone and sealed off. Announced change is hard enough for us to adjust to, unannounced change is akin to a Hiroshima for many of us, it devastates even the strongest. Discarding the old and embracing the new to head down new immutable courses throws our brain patterns into scrambled disarray. Unknown to me, my own watershed was close. At 18, my change from boy to man would be slight compared to what was about to happen. My life would be changed forever, incredibly by the innocuous instruments of water, electricity and a small rodent. My parents, Alex and Cynthia, had been happily married for 25 years. Still besotted, for their silver celebrations they chose to visit the same hotel where they’d honeymooned over in Grasmere. They felt guilty that their only son, Guy, was being left at home. On 20 Aug 1987 they set off. Flowers, champagne, their old room and just having each other sealed their overwhelming happiness. They made love, took their meals in their room and screamed out loud at their dated old photo albums. Next morning they did it all again. In the afternoon they took a stroll up Greenup Edge. In the evening, completely knackered, the two of them wallowed in a hot bath and crashed into the exhausted sleep of the more than fulfilled.

The hotel Porter, finishing his rounds and about to put the hotel lights off and leave for home, did his usual final check of the downstairs' work areas. In the kitchen he found that the hotel cat had killed a mouse and dragged its bloody carcass all around the room. Shit, that was all he needed at the end of an exhausting day. Still, it had to be sorted, might as well get on with it. As he started filling a bucket of water, the phone rang at his desk in the hall. It was his wife, holidaying in Lloret de Mar. For five minutes he forgot about the tap. The kitchen was flooded. It took him an hour with a mop to clear the excess water but even then the floor was still wet. He rounded up as many heaters and extension cables as he could and positioned them all around the kitchen. Tiredness breeds carelessness and one of the extension leads he used was only suitable for small appliances, not heavy heaters. After he’d gone, it took just 20minutes to set the kitchen alight. Another 10 and the whole building was engulfed in flames. Dad and Mum left this world together, the way they would have wanted it. They never woke up. For me, Eden was now closing forever.

Next thing I remember, there I was, a young man bristling with aggression, my mind imploding and exploding, standing over a huge pile of earth, looking down into a double grave. “Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted…” were the only words I caught from the man in the white collar. His words appalled me. Had this happened to him? Did he have the slightest inkling of how it all felt? I was seething with anger and seeing a polarized view of the world. I had to be restrained from knocking him into that hole. He told me God wasn’t responsible for my parent’s death; if we are to retain free will, then things on earth must be allowed to run autonomously. God will not interfere but He does help us pick up the pieces to get over such disasters. I’d had enough, I wasn’t eating or sleeping and my head was full of the wildest thoughts and crazy logic. Mania is an all consuming thing. I knocked him over. Now he knew what real pain felt like. It took two weeks in hospital to begin to restore some balance.

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