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Plan 103f


Is Mental Health Really The Be All And End All Of Our Dreams? Or Are We Just Deluded?
By Jamie Kershaw

ISBN: 9781849911726
Published: 2010
Pages: 285
Key Themes: schizophrenia, fiction, olympics


Set in a two year timeframe 2010-2012, aiming towards the London 2012 Olympic Games, seven principal characters in their twenties with very different interests and lifestyles come together, experiencing trials, tribulations, successes and failures, heartaches, romance, and learn to pull themselves together despite their discontent.

Tim Richardson (21) is a triathlete hoping to compete and win a title at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Can he become Olympic champion? He also excels at BMX biking and is coached by Ben Williams (29), an Ethics Professor with a PhD - based in Scarborough. Ben is the most mature of the seven characters. He becomes the owner of a cocker spaniel called Pépé who is admired by Suzanna Jeffries (22). Suzanna is a marathon athlete and triathlete. These two start to see each other after a long and troublesome intervention by her brother Shane Jeffries (24) who is neurotically obsessed with his younger sister to the point of physicality against potential suitors. Shane is a 3rd degree taekwondo blackbelt coach, and marathon runner who participates in the London marathon. His other self holds an interest in Physics and secretly hankers for the Nobel Prize in later life.

Alex Davies (32) is in effect ‘the boss’. Alex owns a restaurant called “Collage” (NB not college), and goes on to open a café called “The Flaming Squirrels”. Suzanna Jeffries is a waitress in both places as the story progresses. These two venues are often used as locations for the seven ‘crew’ members to hang out and catch up with each other. Alex is married to Melanie, and they have a five year old daughter called Fiona. The other characters always show great respect towards Alex Davies.

Charlie Morris (25) is an entrepreneur who goes on to establish a local tropical fish shop having written his entire business blueprint whilst serving time in a mental hospital with an ASBO for assaulting his father who denied him the necessary encouragement to start out in business. Whilst on the ward he meets Claire Halls (23) who attempted suicide by overdose and is a struggling singer-songwriter. Was this attempt anything to do with her friend Megan’s husbands death? She springs back to life because of Charlie and forms a folk-rock band called ‘Seachimp’. Claire is lead singer and acoustic guitarist. The band win a recording contract after they win a local battle of the bands competition and go on a UK tour. Claire and Charlie get married and have a baby called Luke.

There are 18 chapters in total tracing their experiences over the two year period. Good and bad, happy and sad, for richer or for poorer, Plan 103f demonstrates how sometimes the best intended plans will change owing to unexpected occurrences. The novel is set in various places including Scarborough, London and Scotland, and the people experience very real events, but the seven characters are supposed to be fictional.

The fiction-meets-fact element is intended to make it more real; to make the storyline believable. There is sex, blood, romance, love, money, enterprise, Olympism, and the story winds up with the seven ‘crew’ members in Alex’s establishment ‘Collage’, evaluating everything they have been through together in this period of time.

The seven principal characters could be said to represent different aspects of the author’s own character, dreams, and experiences.

About the Author

Jamie is 30 years old, born 1978, male, and currently lives in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK with fiancée. In 2007 he graduated from Hull University, East Yorkshire, and qualified as a B.A. from the Business School. Whilst there he trained for and completed the Paris Marathon in April 2006 in 3 hrs 25 mins and still has the worn out shoes to prove it! He has also bungee jumped, white-water rafted, and firewalked. He sat and passed 10 GCSEs and 4 A-levels at Durham School 1995/97.

However, in September 1999 he was diagnosed with schizophrenia aged 20, and over a ten year period has had three significant hospital admissions. With medications ranging from Depixol, Olazapine, Rispiradone, Quetiapine, Abilify, and Clopixol this condition has been monitored and stabilised over the years. The script for Plan 103f was written whilst living as a bachelor in Scarborough Rethink supported accommodation. Some of the inspirations were taken from actual experience, some from broken dreams, and others from the imagination. There were over 50 interviews conducted with independent branch cafés to compile details for The Flaming Squirrels!

Jamie is something of a semi-professional pianist and occasionally plays in public for an audience. His interests in music have been ongoing all his life, also playing limited guitar, viola and harmonica.

Whilst on the degree course he spent one year in Canada on an exchange based at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia – and also travelled independently across to Vancouver and back again by Greyhound bus, train, ferry and plane.

He has also travelled in European countries including Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Norway by train, coach, car, and plane and has a certain grasp of French, Spanish and Russian language. Plan 103f is his first novel.

Book Extract

There was something of the constant renaissance about him. As he had lined up to the water’s edge that day in London, Tim Richardson had his sights on the Gold. All thoughts of failure eluded him. Standing there at the start line he was trained to win, to win an Olympic title. Could he now defy the odds and become a legend in his own right?

Now in the year 2012 he was able to do everything he had ever trained for and dreamed about. With no further time for reflection it was all down to race day and his experience to determine what could be done. That would remain to be seen, within two short hours. For now, he was on his own and in the zone. Could the hard slog of the previous four years be vindicated? Meanwhile, Claire Halls was telling her story to Charlie Morris with the crew listening in.

“I read the news last week. Something awful has happened. My best friend from college, Megan, she got married. That’s not the awful news though. Her husband Henry got killed. One of her previous liaisons came back with a vengeance. They knew who had done it and eventually caught him in Portugal.” “Bloody hell Claire, what would drive someone to kill a man?” Charlie asked angrily. “They said he was jealous and emotion got the better of him after Megan and Henry got hitched. They identified him as Robert Dodsworth. Megan used to call him Robbie when they were together.” “Damn it Claire, why can’t a man just move on and accept what is over is over. There’s no point flogging a dead horse.” “Robbie had become obsessive and used to hang around their house on an evening. He had been warned already but took no notice. After he had done it Megan was left scared with her young son in her arms. Robbie fled and she called the cops. Henry was in the living room at the time of intrusion, tried to defend himself but got stabbed in the chest. Oh God, I can’t take this.” Claire burst into tears. Charlie put an arm around her and sat there solemnly for a while. Then he asked “How did they get onto him in Portugal?”

“He left the country the same day by car, and caught the ferry onto the continent. The car was spotted several times in Holland, France, Spain and then eventually Portugal where he was arrested. His home in England got raided. That’s where they found the car registration details and made an international alert. The search took three months though. There was a huge car chase with patrols on the ground and helicopters in the air.” “So they had i.d., motives and Megan’s testimony. What a twisted mind to actually do that.” “When he was caught all he talked about was some woman he had an affair with on the run. He reckoned that she was carrying his child. Sick bastard.” “What about Megan and her little boy though. Where did they go while all this was going on?” “They were taken into shelter until the arrest was confirmed. She was mortified and little Darren didn’t know where his daddy had gone.” “So in his twisted little mind he figured that by killing her husband, Megan would have more room for him again. What a waste. Henry Belvedere, what a promising future together just blown away by some moronic intervention. Makes me sick to think about it.” “She even thought about going to visit him to see what he had to say. He was just chasing rainbows the whole time. No matter how close you get they just keep on moving away.” They both sat there silently mulling the news over, whilst the rest of the crew took a back seat and wondered.

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