Goodbye Ana


Recovery from Anorexia Nervosa
By Kate Le Page

ISBN: 978-1-84991-042-2
Published: 2009
Pages: 116
Key Themes: poetry, anorexia, empowerment, suffering



ĎGoodbye Anaí is Kate Le Pageís first publication of poetry. This collection of poems shares the authorís battle to achieve and maintain recovery from anorexia nervosa. The work offers the reader a powerful, emotive insight into what life is really like when viewed through the eyes of an anorexic.

This book aims to explain the cognitive distortions that accompany starvation and seeks to hold the sufferer captive as well as to challenge the many misconceptions about the illness.

About the Author

Kate Le Page is 32 and lives in Guernsey, Channel Islands. Kate was first diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in 1998 and has used writing poetry to cope with her eating disorder and depression. Multiple hospitalisations in Marchwood Priory, helped Kate to learn how to eat again and start to find a new life, where anorexia was no longer in charge. After many years working in Early Years, Kate is currently Feature Writer for Eating Disorders at and is involved in mentoring through MentorConnect.

Book Extract


Canít sit still,
Need to be re-active,
Got to stay on my feet,
Calories unconsumed left to cheat,
New thoughts swirling - left to greet,
Why canít I just let go of the will
That path results in a dying girl,
perched on a middle court sill.

Trust the program all logic cries so clear,
Trust ME Kate, Iíll always be here,
Screams a familiar voice lurking in my ear

You LIE all the time about your games
If I listened to you Iíd wind up insane,
Drown out your poisonous voice,
Iíll stand firm ignoring the noxious noise.

Hope for Tomorrow

The darkest night brings new light,
A world without anorexia, depressive fear,
New day is coming so donít quit your fight,
Itís been a long hard struggle year after year,
Believing the dawn soon is to appear.

You can feel the warmth of many who care despite the fog threatening isolation,
Everyone says call or write but you donít,
A self-willed cry of canít or wonít,
Itís you that it hurts as tears begin to fall,
We forget there are others left outside.

My decision to hold on to a future and some hope,
The day is not the end just one to learn from,
So next time you fall to the end of the rope,
Remember how much easier life is without the ana-con.

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