Little Davey: View Reality


By Kathleen M. Hill

ISBN: 978-1-84747-203-8
Published: 2007
Pages: 154
Key Themes: North American author, empowerment, mental health services, social enterprise, activism



The natural philosophy shared in Little Davey has emanated directly from the author's extensive life experience and gathered knowledge in managing cognitive dissonance due to intra-personal conflicts, arising directly out of inter-personal conflicts. Ms. Hill’s quest for wisdom and understanding began over half a century ago in an objectified childhood and has extended throughout a life of episodic tragedies by human agency into the present. Little Davey is the summation of her understanding for the concept - power - as a life’s energy force and a shared human drive, which has historically been deceptively acculturated by ulterior-motivation against self-empowerment into a societally accepted illusion -- generating ignorance of our true nature, thereby producing suffering. Kathleen Hill is presently pursuing certification in law, specifically welfare laws, as a precursor to founding the social enterprise DS-n-SP-CAF™ (Peer Legal Counselling and Advocacy).

About the Author

Kathleen is an inspirational figure in the global service user/survivor movement. Kathleen lives in Canada where she campaigns for human rights and the rights of mental health service users.

Book Extract

Social-control is societal oppression as artificially created conflicts within and between individuals. Oppression divides us from our intra-personal selves and inter-personal community of selves in a divide and conquers way. Oppression’s purpose is to steal our humane right to exercise individual personal-power in promotion of one’s private right to an independent life. In the dominant culture, this is perpetrated largely through our indoctrinated, programmed (acculturated) lack of knowledge as to the very existence of our personal-power (humanity) as intrinsic to each of us. We find ourselves trapped by a force greater than our social selves creating barriers to the exercise of our self-determination or personal-power. Aberrant parenting, educational system, employers, governmental legislation, etcetera with ulterior motivation or self-gain train us out of the exercise of a format for social-control, in which each person’s personal-power becomes synonymous with their self-identity as it is expressed through consensual, social interactions within community.

'It’s about questions you want to ask or you want answered?' - George Clooney

“Always remember, a cat looks down on man (us), a dog looks up to man (us), but a pig will look man (us) right in the eye and see his (its) equal”. Winston Churchill (parentheses mine) In other words, our dominant culture is hog-rule!

Where there is no mutuality in gifting or giving and receiving, we assimilate under the aberrant rule-over knowledge by professionals not to use our personal-power on behalf of ourselves, but to submit dictation of our intellect to the control-over by Other, for example, Psychiatry. We do not think to self-protect our precious humanity. We allow our personal-power to be degraded, by social forces from outside our selves, each time we allow Other to define us and by our acceptance of their definition for us. Where there is no mutuality, the exercise of our personal-power becomes our self-identity that is the right of social participation recognized in the community, but - without influence. Authority-over Other, and conversely our subjection to it, is delegated to us in the exercise of another’s self-interested agenda -- impacting against community. As with all oppressions, there is a reward for submission and a punishment for no submission or the giving things of desire and the taking of that which is needful and wanted.

To the degree that we assimilate through submission to the dominant culture of power-over, we invariably do harm, self and Other, thereby degrading community. The oppression exercised by power-over leading to assimilation or denial of one’s humanity, creates a human-being whose self-identity becomes the exercise of their humanity (personal-power) as the physical extension of another, in the promotion of Other’s private self-gain. The assimilate provides their personal selves, regardless of community harm, with the reward of “creature comforts” or luxury items or items without intrinsic value, while escaping the punishment for non-compliance to one’s individual person. Assimilation is not adaptation! Assimilates’ personal-power has not changed, but we are changed in relation to it. Assimilation is the acceptance of coercion as a way of life. Assimilation is the exercise of fear seeking short-term protection from personal harm (from the punishment) and material reward (private gain) that is a pleasure without intrinsic value and therefore cannot satisfy our need for self-fulfilment. We become the never satisfied!

Adaptation is the exercise of ingenuity and creativity as a product of and self-defining example of - one’s life force expressed within community. Assimilation is the process of losing one’s ability to exercise ingenuity and creativity or to process feeling-thought (empathetic learning seeking wisdom). Adaptation is acceptance of authority that is respected as possessing something of intrinsic value that one does not have and therefore one is willingly influenced by it. Assimilation is the submission of one’s personal, social and private, authority/identity in all things - to become enslaved to the criminally enfeebled. Adaptation leads to a mutually equitable benefit by both parties in the action of giving and receiving something of intrinsic value. We become the easily satisfied!


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