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Only in two minds


By Catherine Wain

ISBN: 978-1-78382-225-6
Published: 2017
Pages: 68
Key Themes: Mental Health, Bipolar, Poetry


This book is part two of all in the mind l wrote recently it is a collection of poems and true stories and scripts l wrote and find writing so relaxing by getting my thoughts and feelings down on paper and so benefitting my bio polar disorder l live on my own with my two dogs Boris and Sunny my cat fluffy recently passed away he was 18 years old and a damn good friend and companion he will be sadly missed my animals mean a lot to me and are there when ever l need them they keep me from going insane has well has my medication and writing l can lead a normal life l hope you enjoy part two of all in the mind has much as enjoyed writing it

About the Author

Catherine was bought up in care after her own mother abandoned her and her three brothers in Yorkshire when she was just a baby the queen was just coming to the throne in 1953 at her Coronation and no one noticed a little child crying in the distance. Catherine was taken into homes where she was to stay for 18 years in their care and in and out of different catholic care homes ran by nuns. While she was growing up she was separated from her brothers where she had little or no contact with them over the years.

At the age of 18 years she left the care system when she moved to Birmingham. At the age of 20 years she gave birth to her son Troy in 1973. She did not want any more children straight away and had the coil fitted after Troy was born but not so long afterwards she was fighting for her life when the coil she had fitted at the family planning clinic went septic inside of her and gangrene was spreading rapidly throughout her body it was a race against time to save her life and the surgeons working throughout the night. She was given her last rites but recovered to be told that she could never have children again. She was only 23 years old at the time and this was to play on her mind over the years as well has other things. At the age of 30 she had a mental breakdown where the past came flooding back it was a long road to recovery and with the right medication and help she began to fight back. She is a big animal lover and loves to listen to good music and took up writing when her beloved dog Sammy was killed, which left a big hole in her heart. She writes poetry and human stories and being bipolar has bought the creative side of her nature out, where she can write it all down to help her recovery.

ĎAll in the Mindí is a collection of poems and short stories she wrote after her breakdown which helps her to challenge her bipolar and gives her a voice to express herself. Catherine now lives in the North of Birmingham with her two dogs Sunny and Boris and one cat called Fluffy and they all live happy ever after. woof woof.

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