Hyper Euthymia


A Blueprint Of Bipolar Recovery
By Mark Harnden

ISBN: 978-1-84991-786-5
Published: 2012
Pages: 113
Key Themes: Mental Health, Bipolar, Recovery, Manic Depression


Hyper Euthymia- a Blueprint of Bipolar Recovery is the follow-up to In The Dark Backyard, published by Chipmunka in 2010. It is the continuing first person account of a man successfully coming to terms with living with manic depression (or bipolar disorder), after many chaotic years.

In Hyper Euthymia, having established what hyper euthymia is, the author charts the progress he has made since the initial onset of his extreme bipolar condition and shares the lessons he has learned on the way to achieving genuine stability. The book is packed with original insight, warmth and humour and is well worth a read.

About the Author

Mark was born in Aldershot in 1973. For six years, he boarded at Homefield School near Bournemouth before winning a sixth-form leadership scholarship to Malvern College, in Worcestershire. He went up to the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to read politics and history but three years later, when Mark should have been sitting the final exams of his degree, he found himself admitted into psychiatric hospital and diagnosed with manic-depressive psychosis. Learning to cope with manic depression has proven achievable but remains, nonetheless, an endeavour fraught with difficulties and seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Mark is proud to have graduated from the Open University with BA (Hons) in politics and philosophy and MA in philosophy. From 2004 to 2006 Mark was employed as Public Relations Officer for MDF the Bipolar Organisation Wales. Since 2006, Mark has worked free-lance in mental health education. His clients have included the United Kingdom Psychiatric Pharmacy Group, AstraZeneca Neuroscience, Bath University and Manchester Mental Health Service Trust. Mark has published his Masterís dissertation with Chipmunka, a political philosophy of mental illness, along with In The Dark Backyard, a quirky and entertaining look back at some acutely chaotic times. Hyper Euthymia- a Blueprint of Bipolar Recovery is the third work Mark has published with Chipmunka. It is the sequel to In The Dark Backyard, an insightful first hand account of the journey from ward to wellness. In his spare time, Mark plays and coaches cricket. He has been married to Sky Sports TV for eight years.

Book Extract

Autumn 2001, for the population of the developed world, truly marked the launch of 24-hour news channels, their rare, rich protein of live feed bulked up by the carbohydrate of constant, compelling loops.

A mass hysteria of epic contortions overcame our civilisation and, characteristically, sat it down in front of the television. Keeping up with the war on terror became the dominant popular vocation. Never before had so much propaganda been so voraciously consumed; a 24/7 feast, facilitated by satellites, fibre-optics, gung-ho western politicians and their even more gung-ho spin doctors.

The background hum of potentially disastrous, knee-jerk foreign policy initiatives concerned me; but I had other things to deal with, such as regular home visits from community psychiatric nurses, audiences in front of the psychiatrist proper, thousands of pounds in the bank and a looming driving test.

There is a marked incongruity in the prospect of a mental patient sitting a driving test, but Iíd spent a few hours in the company of an instructor whilst working in security. Relying on lifts from colleagues had become demeaning and Iíd fitted weekly lessons in around shifts. Twentyseven years old, I wasnít the typical virginal, bum-fluffed candidate. Ten years earlier Iíd been ensconced in boarding school, before going straight up to Newcastle University as an undergraduate. Driving had not been on my radar back in those days, but the time had come, for work reasons, to get some wheels.

Out of work, albeit on the sick, I decided to speed up the process of gaining a licence and started taking three or four lessons a week. I didnít tell the instructor, Dick, that I was off work and under a psychiatrist, and shortly convinced him, in a strictly technical, driving sense, that I was likely to fly the test. I did mention my driving antics to a GP and he gave me the nod, or at least, I thought he did.

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