A Place Called People Land


By James Beswick

ISBN: 978-1-84991-221-1
Published: 2010
Pages: 43
Key Themes: short stories, fiction, fantasy, bipolar disorder


A Place Called People Land is made up of thirty-two short story books, which are all about a magical place called People Land. People Land has four main parts, Small Town, Big Town, People Land Park and Holiday Land in which there is a Holiday Land Hotel.

The short story books are written in order to, hopefully, give your child, or children a bed time story, that will send him, her or them off to sleep. The books are completely fictional, so happy reading.

There is also a biography to this book, which tells a little about me, some of the things I used to get up as a child and gives a moral to life that I think everyone should know and stick too.

About the Author

Entertaining was always at the forefront of my mind. The first reminder of this is an old picture of Sammy, the Labrador dog at Granny and Granddad’s house. Sammy has placed his ball in the pushchair and is waiting for it to be thrown.

Later sent to a child nursery in Erdington, entertaining started once more. This time because at nursery a past time was to put things down, point to them and another child from the nursery would bring the items, back.

Between the ages of five and six Lay Hill Primary was just another school where many friends were made. Whilst there, there was another reminder. This time situations that would occur.

For example, one day, while all the parent’s were in the School Hall at one of the play rehearsals, when playing Noah in Noah’s Ark singing the words to ‘Come by AR’ wrong and begin to sing, “Come by car my Lord, come by car.”

The Teacher then ran down from the back of the School Hall, shouting, Stick to the script, stick to the script. The author ran and hid in the small Noah’s Ark Playhouse, singing, “come by car, not from the back of the room, my Lord”. All the parents would laugh.

Then also at Lay Hill was the Maypole Dancing. It meant everything to Kelly to be able to be on the Maypole Dancing team because Kelly loved Maypole Dancing and because the way it was done would make her laugh.

When Open Day arrived dancing round the Maypole would begin, until Kelly pretended to look board. Then all a loan, one would begin to dance the wrong way so that the Maypole would begin to lean over. Kelly would laugh and laugh. Outside of school things were pretty much the same. On going to Henry VIII Birth Place climbing under the rope and climbing onto Henry VIII’s bed, jumping up and down on it. People watching would take pictures and laugh.

Shortly moving from Lay Hill Primary, sent to Coppice School. Keeping one’s head down moving through school, college and university quickly. With no trouble at all.

Now thirty-one years of age, born on 11th November 1978 and diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Also referred to as bipolar affective disorder. Bipolar is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a category of mood disorders defined as episodes of abnormally elevated mood. The BBC Website – Health Conditions – Bipolar Disorder (2010)

Also having a dyslexic mind, which is having a problem with processing language. This can be noticed in subjects such as, reading, writing, mathematics, music, speech, etc. A dyslexic will not learn as other people do, because they have a different way of thinking and learning. The Bristol Dyslexia Center Website – Dyslexia (2010)

However, there is a moral point to all that you have read so far and it is: “If you put your mind to it, anything, you can do it! With in reason of course.”

Book Extract

The Trip to the Fair

Bibby is a bib who has three best friends. They are called Eggcup, Toasty the Toaster and Mr Kettle. Bibby and his three best friends have been friends for many years.

They live in a small town called Small Town. Which, by the way, only has Bibby and his three best friends living in it.

Bibby, Eggcups, Toasty the Toaster and Mr. Kettle all work at the Big Town Rubbish Tip. It was their day off. Bibby suggested to his three best friends, “Shall we go to the Big Town Fair today?”

They all looked at each other and back at Bibby and said together “We would love to go, but the journey to the fair is a bit scary to say the least”. “Trust me!” Bibby replied. The trust of the three was in the hands of Bibby. They arranged to meet and set off for the Fair the following morning.

The way they were going to go was past the Big Pond, along the Blue River, over the bridge and then through the Grumpy Farmer’s Field. That was the quickest road to the Fair. The next day was a lovely day. It was really hot and sunny.

When the four arrived at the Big Pond, Bibby dived in and was then followed by all his friends. They stayed there swimming, having fun and then dried themselves in the sun before moving on. Next, they came upon the Blue River. The river was totally blue, clear and full of fish. None of Bibby’s, Eggcup’s, Toasty the Toaster's nor Mr Kettle’s friends lived here any more. They had all moved out years ago.

As they walked along the Blue River, Toasty the Toaster began to rummage around in the long grass by the edge of the river. “I’ve got a fishing rod around here somewhere, fancy fishing for a while?” The four began to fish at the edge of the river. After a while they continued their journey to the Fair once more.

They crossed the bridge, then came to the edge of the Grumpy Farmer's Field. On the other side of the field, the Grumpy Farmer could be seen stacking hay onto his hay stacking truck.

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