By Sue Holt

ISBN: 978-1-84747-635-7
Published: 2008
Pages: 113
Key Themes: poetry, insight, psychosis, mental health, humanity


“'Psychotic Interlude' may come over as less polished than Sue Holt's previous work but there is a rawness and honesty that shines through. The combination of poetry and insights into Sue's mindset at the time she was writing are very powerful. There is a real sense of the struggle, the search for identity and a sense of self. 'Psychotic Interlude' is not just about a person's struggle with their mental health status but a more profound statement about humanity. ” - By Paul Andrews, fellow bi-polar traveller, occasional writer and friend


‘Psychotic Interlude’ is a woman’s quest for answers.

Sue Holt has bipolar disorder and struggles with religious delusions. Her analytical mind tries to make sense of faith and her delusional beliefs.

‘Psychotic Interlude’ enables the reader to become intimately involved in Sue Holt’s life as her mind begins to unravel leaving her emotionally unable to deal with day to day life, leading to a subsequent admission to a psychiatric hospital.

Through poetry and personal memoirs Sue reveals her confusion and mounting doubts. However, her faith in God shimmers as a thread of gold throughout.

‘Psychotic Interlude’ follows on from Sue’s previous books ‘Poems of Survival’ and ‘Depression Ate My Soul’ and reflects her growth of character, strength and courage.

Many readers of ‘Psychotic Interlude’ will question their own beliefs and experiences of complex and misunderstood issues.

About the Author

Sue is a talented poet, who has struggled with manic depression for 15 years. She writes from the heart with a raw honesty that many are not comfortable with. Sue writes to express her pain while in contrast she shares her intense hope. Many relate to her pain and in doing so are given the opportunity to connect with their own.

Sue lives in Lancashire in England, with her husband and teenage son, she is greatly inspired by nature and when not writing can be found in the garden, walking, painting and sculpting. She believes in healing through self expression.

Book Extract


Words, pictures, images, scrawled upon walls,
heavy rock music presenting itself within my mind
whilst trying to decipher their meanings.
What does it all mean to me, for me, for you the human race.
Nothing but scribbles on walls childish nonsense that’s all,
musicians banging drums, strumming guitars no hidden agenda there.
Insight helps fears to lift seeing the world through clearer eyes a little wiser.


Being high what does that mean, exactly.
I see the world differently.
I see it differently all the time.
So, what’s a high.
I believe I am near to God.

Tell me more.

No, I believe I have told you too much.
My thoughts are no longer up for discussion.
You do not believe ok, but allow me to be.


You're doing too much from various sources, directions day and night
constantly trying to prove my capability to self
please stop pushing and fighting, allow yourself to settle now.


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