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All Across China


By Ellen Weisberg

ISBN: 978-1-84991-102-3
Published: 2010
Pages: 83
Key Themes: China, education, children, information

"All Across China" is one of the first children's books that Chipmunkapublishing has published and is proud to call its own. This book was the result of the input of several knowledgeable people, including two Asian Americans and one Asian family member of the authors' who currently lives in Guangxi Province. In addition, the book is presently being translated into Chinese for distribution in China by an Asian professor at Beijing University, who is in assocation with Five College Center for East Asia Studies."
Feedback from Libraries, schools, adoption agencies and adoptive families:
I have to tell you - I LOVED that book!! I added it to the library, but it took everything in me!! I SO wanted to keep a copy for our daughters! What a wonderful treasure - I plan to blog on it this week!
We received your beautiful books today...Thank you so much. Our staff and children will really enjoy them!
Thank you for the copies of your fun and educational books. I found them to be informative, colorful, and an exciting way to learn about the countries of China and Canada.
Thank you immensely for the complimentary copy of "All Across China" and "All Across Canada". We are quite pleased to put them into circulation.
Thank you for the books - they arrived in the post today. All across China is very informative and simply presented which will appeal to quite a large age range. The format in all the books is nice and easy for children and parents to use. Well done!
Thank you so very much for the wonderful books! I am happy to report that the State of Virginia is going to be changing the social studies curriculum for 5th grade within a year or so to include a concentration on geography, which is a wonderful addition to the curriculum. Therefore, these books on China and Canada will be great resources not only for the China unit that 2nd graders do, but also for any student researching other countries or geography! Thank you again for your generosity, on behalf of our students and teachers!
I am an FCC mom. Your book looks great! I am trying to decide when to bring L back to China -- at 6 or 7. Your book will help get ready!
Thank you for the books you sent. It was interesting to read about our daughter's birth place, Kunming (Yunnan Province). We hope to visit the Stone Forest when we travel back there for a heritage tour. After thumbing through the "all Across Canada" book and finding a few interesting details that I didn't know, I plan on reading that one to my son and daughter too.

The third book in an exciting new Children's Geography series, "All Across China," provides a tour of China's 34 provinces, municipalities, and other regions. As with "Friends and Mates in Fifty States"(Galde Press) and "All Across Canada" (Chipmunkapublishing), Ellen Weisberg, Ph.D. and Ken Yoffe, M.D. once again provide an entertaining and educational way for the whole family to learn about one of the world's most important and interesting countries. Using the mnemonic devices of clever rhymes and naming characters after the provincial capitals, "All Across China" also includes endless fun facts and charming artwork to answer such questions as: --Where are the Terracotta Warriors? --What do they mean by Sichuan, Hunan, and Cantonese food? --Where can one see the Great Wall of China? --What do Xi, Dong, Bei, and Nan mean? China is the world's fourth largest country and, with over a billion people, has the largest population. It is full of breathtaking mountains and rivers, fascinating animals and crops, and many different cultures and languages. Join Cai, Na, Ning, Song, and dozens of their friends on a trip All Across China!

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