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Vampires and Zombies


By John Tucker

ISBN: 9781783825448
Published: 2020
Pages: 220
Key Themes: fiction, myth, vampires, horror, depression, mental health
'Vampires And Zombies' is a second full-length collection from poet and songwriter John Tucker. It is described in the 'Self-Reflection' at the end as a “rewrite, correction and extension” of his first collection 'Rose Petals In The Ashtray'. In this new collection Tucker juxtaposes exactly 74 poems and 74 songs on wide-ranging subjects such as the loss of a father, unrequited love, the breakdown of a relationship, the dangers of drug-taking and the consolation of Nature. Tucker, who purports to being “the kid that took care of the new creatures” in one poem, is one of our most valued poets and songwriters and part of the reason is that, since his diagnosis with schizoaffective disorder in his mid-twenties, he has developed the efficacy of de-stigmatising mental illness as well as re-popularising poetry. 'Vampires And Zombies' is a strong, new-look book, both looking back at his life's work since his teens and forward to the future whatever it may bring.

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