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By Cal Donnelly

ISBN: 978-1-84991-990-6
Published: 2013
Pages: 64
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry, Memoirs, Depression


“Doors.” is a collection of poetry and a set of accompanying mini-memoirs that were all written during a serious depressive episode. The collection was compiled after a suicide attempt by the writer, as an effort to raise awareness of not just his experience, but also the experience of so many others struggling through depression. The work covers many issues, including:

- Bereavement (Milk And Two Sugars.)
- Unrequited love (The Empty Can.)
- Suicide (The Sea/Hesitation Marks.)
- The importance of family (Our Journey.)
- Failure (C.)
And perhaps most importantly:
- Stigma towards mental illness (UK-istan/You Have Your Friends).
The book carries the simple, resounding message to all those suffering:
You are not suffering alone.

About the Author

Cal Donnelly (April 17, 1994) is a student of Biomedical Science at Warwick University with Borderline Personality Disorder. He has experienced severe depression from an early age, recently culminating in a suicide attempt. After this, Cal decided that he wanted something good to come from his traumatic experience. He began compiling the poems he had written, and what was born was the collection “Doors”. Writing has always been a source of catharsis to him, allowing him to process his emotions and express himself in a unique way. For Cal, writing the book was his first step towards recovery, and getting published was the last.

Cal is now continuing with what he hopes will be a successful writing career. He blogs daily, with updates on his upcoming debut novel, topical conversation, book reviews, artwork, and an exclusive poem posted every week. You can read his blog, “Calzone” here.

Cal believes that maintaining an Internet presence is vital, particularly when the message of his book is one of togetherness and support. You can follow him on twitter, and like his Facebook page, both of which are updated daily. Cal lives in Coventry with his friends, the dedicatees of the work.

Book Extract

You Are With Me, Always

I will always think about you
You are with me, still
Like a lingering anaesthetic
The light on my windowsill
I still think about you
My darling you are always with me
You keep me from hurting
You and you only.
I see you in beauty
I see you in my dreams
I think about you always
You are still with me
And the time doesn’t matter
Nor the earth, nor the trees
For you are my blood, my air, my sleep
And you are always with me.

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