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Prejudice and Pride


By Katie Haigh

ISBN: 978-1-84991-863-3
Published: 2012
Pages: 28
Key Themes: Mental Health, Poetry, Anxiety, Depression, Hypermobility

About the Author

Katie Haigh was born on the 29th August 1981. She is from Heywood, Lancashire. Although Katie has struggled with a range of physical and mental health problems since her early teenage years, she has managed to cope with raising a family. School life was hard as she struggled with dyslexia. She also developed an eating disorder, which brought further problems of anxiety and depression. At the age of fourteen, Katie was diagnosed with Hypermobility (hyper extensive muscle syndrome) which causes pain and further anxiety. Also around this time, a diagnosis of Sherman's disease (inflammation of discs in the spine)was made. Katie has used creative writing as an outlet for her range of conditions. She uses her poetry to help other people to understand how it feels, or to see they are not alone. She hopes people will the world through new eyes.

Book Extract

A Day on the Street of a Mobility Scooter

It was supposed to make life easier.
Give me more freedom,
Less pain.
When it arrived
I had such hope,
Knowing I would no longer feel trapped.

The day had started quite simply.
Reversing out of the garage,
I reached the road.
My heart dropped.
The crossing further up wasnít lowered.
So I had to cross at a dangerous point,
Timing it with fast moving traffic.

When I finally crossed,
My bubble soon burst
When I reached the Morrisonís crossing.
Getting to the middle was easy,
But the curb on the last bit wasnít low.
So I had to travel up the road
Fearing my Scooter and traffic would collide.

Once on the path
My relief was short lived.
Heading towards me were a couple and child,
Hand in hand taking up every inch of path.
I tried with frustration to pass them,
But was greeted with irritated scowls.
They wanted me to fly over!
Now thatís impossible to do.

Finally I reached the revolving doors and
Waited until my path was clear.
Yet as I set off
A lady jumped in my path,
And someone with a trolley behind.
Manoeuvring in such a small space
Isnít easy to do.
I ended up bashing her heels.
I hadnít meant to.
Yet annoyance niggled;
If only theyíd left my path clear.
Inside the supermarket
Youíd expect it be easy.
The problems werenít over yet.

First up was dodging disgruntled shoppers
Trolleys overflowing from their shop.
Second, the bakery counter so high
I had to shout what I wanted
Catch my bag of pies and sausage rolls.
Thirdly the little tots,
Whom I tried not to bash as they ran.
They toddled unsupervised
While parents chat oblivious.
The aisles are actually wide enough,
Until baskets brimming with merchandise are added.
To make us want to buy, buy, buy.
But I couldnítít get past, past, past.
So I have to reverse
Into angry mutterings;
People wishing I simply wasnít there.

Check out was relatively easy,
With helpful staff serving my needs.

But then itís time for the journey home,
Either against traffic or the long way Ďround.
Heading back down Bamford Road,
Crossing at the same risky point,
Parking up in the garage.
Feeling frazzled, stressed out.
Not in the least pain free.
It was supposed to make life easier.
Itís a shame the outside world disagrees.

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