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Love is a Spider's Web


By Queen Irena

ISBN: 978-1-904697-00-8
Published: 2003
Pages: 196
Key Themes: poetry, abuse, carer's story, ethnic minorities, Christianity

“Once you start reading, it feels like a roller-coaster journey leading you through paths that make your muscles tense, relax and gives the ‘Ah!’ feeling. A truly memorable read.” - Velmer McGregor, teacher and community activist

“Don’t stop writing the world needs you!” - Jenessa Qua, Performer at The National Theatre.


A hard hitting, romantic, sexy and intriguing story presented through emails and poetry. Struggling to live in a loveless and abusive marriage whilst bringing up seven children (two of whom are autistic) Queen Irena embraces her Jamaican heritage and her Christian faith to find deep spiritual meaning in a world of pain and decay. The book provides a refreshing view of how one strong woman takes on the complexities of life.

About the Author

Queen Irena lives in Lewisham, South London, where she is a source of inspiration to her local community and also a deeply moving performance poet. Queen Irena was born in 1962, she is the mother of seven children (two of whom are autistic). Her brother has schizophrenia. She wrote her own story to help herself, and to help women who have loved, but are oppressed by the destructive elements of their partners. At present, she works tirelessly for her local community in Lewisham. She is also head of the Livity Development Foundation a charity based in Lewisham.

Book Extract

Throughout my endeavours to maintain a positive Livity, I have continually trod along my road, picking up the broken pieces (my children) from an oppressive marriage. I call them broken pieces at this time, as they are. Broken, because family life for them had not turned out to be as smooth as they had excitedly hoped. Well, the only comparisons being of what they witness on the television. I am not saying that they watch a lot, as I always seem to intervene when I notice the children on the screen are running the show.

They (my children), are quite contented with the fact that parents are subordinate to their children, they always seem to be apologising for the discipline they had chosen against what (I believe), to be total disrespect being displayed by the children in the programmes. It appears to give some kind of release for my royal family, from the lack of love between their own parents, along with the rules and regulations that I place on them , so they may see the truth behind all the lies. Their lives are tough, so I aid them with outside professional support, as well as my own professionalism joined with my true and pure love maintained by the royal guidance that I receive. Jah be with them.

Apart from the fact that it is seven children (the eldest two became my children by marriage, two of my birth children happen to be Autistic) that I mother, merely adds to the enormity of my workload. It also gives some kind of indication that I could not possibly have had time to work, study for two diplomas, a degree, care for a brother with mental illness, chair a management committee for a local youth club, go to the gym and to the local pool, attend every parents evening, and counselling session, take part in empowerment programmes that aid the implementation of good inclusion policies within the community, meditate, plait hair, make time to share with my Queens and Kings, organise cultural events and write my autobiography. I am living proof that it has been done. That is not to say that there are not others that had done the same, far from it. We are everywhere.

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