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The Green Dragon


By Jamie Kershaw

ISBN: 9781849915250
Published: 2011
Pages: 348
Key Themes: autobiography, schizophrenia, life experiences, mental health


The Green Dragon is an autobiography of the first 32 years of Jamie’s life. The book details his life story from birth, through schooling, various successes and failures from his ambitions, struggles with schizophrenia, to his present day family life. The ride has never been too easy, but with good grace The Green Dragon covers experiences for better or for worse and provides the reader with plenty of moving events which affected not just his own life, but the lives of those around him as well. Please enjoy reading this story and hopefully you will derive both satisfaction and inspiration from The Green Dragon!

The Green Dragon came about as the title as a result of one of his fiancée’s sons. The 4 year old Brandon came into our room late one night as I was tidying up my desk. He said something about a ‘friendly green dragon’ so I asked him if he meant the model of a dragon on the desk corner. ‘No’, he said, ‘the friendly green dragon down there in that folder’. He was pointing at the folder containing the papers for my first book, ‘Plan 103f’. The name remained with me from then on, and in his honour am using it for my second book, an autobiography. Also, I was inspired by the TV programme ‘Dragon’s Den’, starring Theo Paphitis, Duncan Ballantyne, James Caan, Deborah Meadin, and Peter Jones.

About the Author

Jamie was born in 1978 in York, N Yorks, and currently lives in Scarborough with fiancée and family. He was educated at Hull University, E Yorks, 2002-2007, during which time he completed numerous half marathons, 10kms and the Paris Marathon in April 2006 in 3 hrs 25 mins (in response to brother Chris’s New York marathon 2000 in 3hrs 37 mins!) He has also bungee jumped, white-water rafted, and firewalked. He attended Durham School 1992-97.

However, in September 1998 he was diagnosed with schizophrenia aged 20, and over a ten year period has had several hospital admissions mainly in Cross Lane Hospital, Scarborough, and St Luke’s Hospital, Middlesborough. These experiences are detailed in subsequent chapters.

The script for The Green Dragon was written over a two year period in Scarborough whilst living with family, and is his second book. As it is an autobiography, The Green Dragon is non-fiction.

He is something of an amateur musician and pianist, occasionally playing a live gig - also playing basic guitar , harmonica, and viola. Whilst at university he spent one year in Canada on an exchange based at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has travelled somewhat across Canada and through various countries of Europe.

There are thoughts of writing a sequel to his first fiction book, Plan 103f, as well as writing a non-fiction music book, a children’s book, and a book about Scarborough.

Book Extract

Chapter One

The Early Years

When I was born the name given on the York maternity hospital card, UK, read ‘baby of Jean Kershaw’. Mum kept detailed notes of my first seven years with photographs. Quoting from these notes I know that I checked in at 12.05pm September 27th,1978. I weighed 8lb 13oz and was administered with 1mg Konakion. Mum and Dad decided on ‘James Alexander’ before long, though.

For three and a half months I was breast-fed, and sometimes required six or seven feeds a night. My first smile was at three weeks old, grinning at my dad. At four and a half months I was bottle-fed, even being given some brandy to pacify me. We had a neighbour called Rene Keast who would help babysit, and she has remained “part of the family” all my life. I understood words like “where is Christopher?”, and at six months had my first visit to Spain.

Mum had me bottle-fed on cows milk until the eczema came, then I was given goats milk, which worked fine. At eight months I was given a taste of antibiotics. My first teeth came at eight and a half months. I would often chuckle at the other children’s antics whom I met. I was given a turquoise ‘blankie’ which accompanied me for about eight years.

We had two goldfish, Toby and Sam. The first time I stood unaided was at nine months, and I used to wave dad off in the morning as he went to work. At 10 months I developed bad eczema and was on a non-bovine diet. I walked across the kitchen unaided at one year old.

First words included “Wot’s dat?” at 17 months and I was fascinated by animals saying things like “Dat’s a duck…water”. In the street I got on with other boys, and when I heard music I would conduct with raised index fingers. At 2 years I would say “Are you busy, mum?”, and “Have you gone upstairs, Jonny?”. At three I could count to ten and recite nursery rhymes, such as “Old king coalman”, “Wasn’t that a dirty dish?” and “after later.” I liked broccoli and green vegetables, apparently. At three I was given a hand-puppet monkey whom I named ‘Mongrish’. He accompanied me for many years.

My first real memories are of Spain, the Casita and my Grandparents’ villa. We used to go on holiday there in the summer and Christmas holidays and I can still recall the aeroplane flying high above the clouds, and wanting to reach out to touch them. We flew to Alicante airport on the East coast of Spain where my granddad (mum’s father) would be there waiting in the car, having helped with the travel costs. Mum, Dad, Chris, Jonny and I were the luckiest lot in the world to be going there. Chris is the eldest of us three brothers, Jonny the middle, and I the youngest, being only three years of age when we went for the last time.

One of these earliest memories is of my mother jumping into the swimming pool with a dress on to stop me drowning. My armbands had sprung a leak and everyone else just watched the whole thing from their sunbeds. Also, at a Benidorm beach, a wild cat was prowling round and eventually pounced on Chris’s chicken dinner and stole it from his hands as he was about to take a bite. I remember finding a lizard in the bedroom and Jonny discovering that a lizard’s tail actually drops off when grabbed, in self-defence. At that time Jonny would also refer to the oranges on the trees as ‘little whoppers’.

My three other earliest memories of Spain are the strawberries and cream that grandma provided; a trip up a mountain to a honey farm where a swarm of bees produced a variety of honey which could be sampled for free. Also, from the age of three I remember Christmas. One Christmas eve I was put to bed early while the ‘older’ people stayed up to wrap presents. Unsurprisingly I was unable to sleep that night.

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