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The Other Side of The Mirror


By Alanna Lea Wiest

ISBN: 9781849913256
Published: 2010
Pages: 113
Key Themes: poetry, depression, schizo-affective disorder


A poetic journey that illustrates a life-long struggle with a serious illness. Poems of pain, hope and a love for life, all combine in a book of exquisite feeling and personal triumph.

About the Author

When Alanna was fifteen she was hospitalized for the first time for self-mutilation, suicidal ideation and depression. She was very delusional about people and situations, it was only much later when she was taking anti-psychotic medications that her thoughts cleared. At this time she was still in private school and also competing every week at major horse shows (rather dangerous and scary now that she recalls).

What has followed is over twenty five hospitalizations, numerous medicine changes and the bogeyman of all treatments ECT.

She learned early on that it was up to her to educate herself in all facets of this disease, schizoaffective disorder, to find humor where and when she can . (If someone asks her “did you hear that.?” She says don’t ask me). She is very pro-active in educating and advocating for those with mental illness. She has spoken to college classes and also medical staff in hospitals.

At present Alanna is on a huge menu of medications but she is self-employed, training horses and riders. She is also a professional artist who has had six shows in Manhattan galleries and thirty gallery shows on Long Island .

Alanna hopes to reach people’s emotions and lives through her poetry.

Book Extract


Looking through a dark mirror
Never seeing my face
Only shadows of light
Looking for something strong
Looking for something real
But nothing can be seen
I long and lust for something there
Yet nothing does appear
Black and gray is all I see
No reflection is there
Nothing but darkness.
I wish to see,
To keep me going
Something strong.
I need to be here
Looking into that dark mirror
To keep me sane and safe.


A drop of rain
On this parched land
Needing the moisture
Dreaming of wet
Spring will come soon
Then all will be lush
The leaves will prosper
In this world of ours
Soon the flowers will come
Beauty will be renewed on earth
All we will see
Is all we can love
Soon winter will leave
Life will awaken.

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