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Too Much Information


By Mark Magrs

ISBN: 9781847476845
Published: 2008
Pages: 180
Key Themes: anxiety, depression, mental health services, alcoholism, recovery

"What I really needed was someone to talk to – someone who would listen. That’s a million times more useful than all the medication in the world – prescribed or otherwise." - Mark Magrs


'Too Much Information' is an honest account of living with anxiety, depression and psychiatric ‘care’. It’s the true story of how family, career and personal relationships can be devastated by panic attacks, manic depression and alcohol abuse. It contains adult themes and very strong language.

About the Author

Mark Magrs has lived all of his life in the North of England. He has worked as a copywriter, a radio producer, a magazine editor and a teacher, but he’s never been able to settle down for very long. In the last ten years he’s had seven different jobs.

After experiencing what he now knows as ‘panic attacks’ and ‘depression’ in his late teens and early twenties, Mark began self-medicating with booze.

Things have improved since he stopped taking the medicine, and he is now on the road to recovery, living with his wife, young son and cat by the seaside.

Book Extract


And I don’t know how long I’ve been asleep. I don’t remember much - I can just about remember getting up and having a shower in an attempt to wake up – the rest is just bits and pieces. I kept waking up for a few seconds and realising just how uncomfortable my bed is. Cross-eyed Bill asked if I was OK and if I wanted any dinner. He bent over and looked right into my face. He hasn’t shaved or brushed his teeth since he’s been in here. I remember noticing that.

The bed has a really thin mattress that’s made out of some weird plastic material. There aren’t any blankets – just these white sheets that crackle when you turn over. When the lights are out on the ward, you can see the sparks whenever you move.

I have to have tests. They looked into my eyes when I arrived. They took my blood pressure. Now they want to take blood. I sit in the waiting room and leaf through a copy of the People’s Friend. On the floor they have a box of toys. They’re old and tatty and I can’t imagine them distracting a crying kid for very long. They have an old Fisher Price garage with a lift that you can move up and down by turning a little plastic wheel. I used to have one just like that. My step-father chucked it out when we moved house. This one could be mine. I look through the box to see if any of my other vanished toys are here. No. Just a tatty Daffy Duck and a manky ginger teddy bear. I am turning the wheel on the side of the garage, watching the lift going up and down and listening to the ding it makes when it reaches the top.

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