Your life will always be better as a result of using this Home Study Course. The topics inside include…:

•sell more books online and offline
•sell more books face to face
•gain international media coverage for your niche time and again
•position yourself as an expert
•persuade people to buy
•the secrets to selling books at conferences
•let go of limiting beliefs and become more confident

Want to know how you can sell more books?

This special home-study course from the Mental Health Publisher is your first step
In this unique course I will guide you through a personal development journey where you can learn how to How to sell more books by applying the exercises, techniques and strategies throughout the course.

The whole course comprises nine manageable, though profound, steps along your own personal journey, to happiness, success and a life free from the shackles of your mental illness, empower others and become a successful author. These are all methods and strategies I have used in my own writing, to successfully write the international best seller A Can of Madness and seven other books. You too can then give a voice to others living with mental illness. And now you can study writing at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. Hundreds of Chipmunka authors, carers and thousands of those living with mental illness can already attest to the power of these methods…

How To Sell More Books – Part 1
How To Sell More Books – Part 2


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